LifeFX Global Announces Pre-Launch Deadline

LifeFX Global has announced the close of its Pre-Launch period for all business opportunity seekers in USA, Canada, and Japan for 30-March-2010.

LifeFX Global was founded in 2009 when Michael and Linda Lightfoot saw an opportunity to improve the health care products industry dramatically through preventative products and supplements that really work, going beyond placebo or psychological effects. So much of what existed on the market at that point had little real impact on the lives of customers, either in representative’s sales, or in the physiological impact the products had on customers. LifeFX Global was founded to turn that around.

The Lightfoots assembled a winning team of business professionals who themselves got their start in network marketing. Each member of the management team helped their previous companies achieve literally millions of dollars in sales and came to the table with plenty of talent and experience to offer.

With over 100 years of collective experience, the LifeFX Global team searched for new products that would have a real impact on customers while developing a flexible compensation plan for representatives.

With the launch of this plan with a small group of representatives, and with the discovery of the product that has become EnzoFX, LifeFX Global has come a long way in accomplishing its stated mission.

According to Todd Raymer, LifeFX Global Distributor, “I have never experienced anything like this in over 19 years of network marketing.” The business opportunity is winning many independent business owners with its simplicity and clinically proven product line.

“The science behind Enzogenol is astounding and incredibly effective in the EnzoFX product that combines Enzogenol with Extra-DHA Omega-3 (50%DHA) for supporting a healhy brain and cognitive function.” said Raymer.

LifeFX Global has also recently announced the launch of its new EnzoFX3 Anti-Aging Skin Care System. EnzoFX3 combines Enzogenol with Papaya, Papain, and Pineapple for a powerfully effective enzyme peel that is safe for daily use. The EnzoFX3 Instant Line Reducer and EnzoFX3 Restorative Moisturizer combine to help anyone combat the effects of age, sun, lifestyle choices, and environmental conditions.

“The market response to the EnzoFX3 Anti-Aging Skin Care System has been great and we’re all real excited about it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be associated with LifeFX Global.” beamed Raymer.

The deadline for the LifeFX Global Pre-Launch is 30-March-2010 which concludes pre-orders.  Normal sales will continue after the launch.EnzoFX with Enzogenol and Omega-3

EnzoFX with Enzogenol and Omega

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