Music Retailer Introduces Scheme To Help Musicians Choose The Right Instrument, the online destination for quality musical instruments and accessories, has launched a musical rental scheme designed to help consumers trial an instrument before committing to purchase. Karacha who produce a variety of bright and colourful instruments has revealed the rental scheme enables consumers to rent out instruments for a period of time, without rushing into buying it.

As a result of the recession consumers can no-longer afford activities such as going to the cinema, and bowling, meaning hobbies such as playing a musical instrument are proving more popular than ever. Aimed at people who are unsure about which instrument to play, the rental scheme allows any indecisive musician to trial a number of different instruments and invest in their favourite.

Adam Ewart, Founder of said: “Learning to play a musical instrument such as the saxophone or clarinet can be an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby. With many beginners often feeling overwhelmed about which instrument to choose, the Karacha rental scheme allows consumers to find a musical instrument which is best suited to them. Offering a mixture of musical instruments and accessories from leading brands such as Carmichael and Archetto violins, we can guarantee visitors will find an instrument that is their perfect match.”

Also available for those looking to take up a new hobby, features video instrument demonstrations, music lessons and advice, designed to make the learning process easy, simple and fun. The rental scheme also ensures the consumer does not make the wrong decision in choosing an instrument, allowing them to trial one that is of their preferred taste.

The rental scheme is just one of the new additions to the website, which recently received a makeover. Visitors will find incredibly user-friendly, allowing customers to shop online 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for a variety of affordable musical instruments.

For more information, visit, or call 0845 200 83 43.

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