Consumers Missing Out on Energy Efficiency Grants

Consumers may be missing out on thousands of pounds of government funded initiatives available across the UK, according to Home Heating Guide, the leading online resource for domestic heating and energy issues.

Home Heating Guide have found that many homeowners may find they are eligible for home energy efficiency grants that cover the installation of new high efficiency condensing boilers, central heating systems and home insulation in a Government drive to reduce domestic household carbon emissions.

The initiatives available across, England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland are operated regionally with varying criteria and grant amounts that is explained in further detail at Home Heating Guide.

David Holmes of Home Heating Guide commented “many homeowners are unaware that grants are available which cover a relatively wide criteria and not just reserved for a lucky few, we’re encouraging consumers, especially those on benefits to check out the website to see if they are eligible.”

In addition to grants consumers will also benefit in the form of lower fuel bills, a condensing boiler can reduce household energy bills by up to £235 with a potential reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 1,260 kg/year.

Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation can reduce bills even further by up to £265 and a whopping 1,410 kg/year saving in CO2 emissions, a very significant amount to not only the consumers pocket but also the environment.

For those consumers who may not qualify for a full grant some regions operate a partial grant or rebate system which is usually aimed at over 60’s who are not on benefits but may need help with a heating system or energy efficiency advice. Either way consumers are urged to apply now in the quieter and warmer months to ensure their application is processed in preparation for winter.

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