Yellowstone’s wild, free-roaming buffalo herd is under siege.

Help save Yellowstone's baby buffalo from the  slaughterhouse.Stop the Brutal Slaughter of Yellowstone's Wild Buffalo!

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (RUSHPRNEWS) 04/02/2008 – Right now, wild buffalo are being rounded up in Yellowstone National Park and shipped to the slaughterhouse. Next month, their newborn calves will also be killed. Speak out now to put an immediate stop to this government-sponsored massacre.

Help save Yellowstone's baby buffalo from the slaughterhouse.Yellowstone's wild, free-roaming buffalo herd is under siege.

The Bush Administration is turning the herd's birthing ground into a killing ground for hundreds of mighty bison — better known as American buffalo.

We must speak out against this cold-blooded cruelty NOW — because every week, more of these noble creatures are being herded into cattle trucks to be slaughtered.

This winter alone, more than 1,200 wild bison have been brutally killed — or shipped to slaughterhouses — by the Montana Department of Livestock, with the cooperation and approval of the National Park Service.

And come May, newborn calves are just as likely to be killed as their mothers.

We cannot stand by and let this massacre continue: Send a protest message now.

Right now, it's still winter in Yellowstone, and these unsuspecting buffalo are following historic migratory routes in search of food at lower elevations where there is less snow.

When the buffalo venture near or beyond the park's boundary, they will continue to be rounded up and killed — unless we start a national outcry.

What makes this sacrifice so senseless is that it's all to protect roughly 200 domestic cows and steers that graze near the park from the theoretical risk of a disease — brucellosis — that has never been transmitted from bison to cattle in a natural setting.

Even more tragic, newborn calves and their mothers will be rounded up this spring in their birthing ground of Horse Butte, Montana — a completely cattle-free zone — which means they are being killed for absolutely no reason.

Please speak out and stop the slaughter. Yellowstone's buffalo are a national treasure: America's last, free-roaming herd. The National Park Service should be their guardian, not an accomplice to their execution.

Already, more than 90,000 Americans have submitted protest messages demanding that the National Park Service call a halt to the killing.

But now with so many newborn buffalo about to be killed — we need to do more. Please submit your protest message and help us stop the spring massacre.

Together, we must speak out to spare the lives of Yellowstone's surviving buffalo so that they can again roam wild and free.

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund


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