Walter Kirn, Author of Up In the Air Revealed

walter kirnScotland (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 29,2008-Who could forget the masterpiece that was Juno. However you really have to thank Jason Reitman as this was the man who adapted the book for the big screen.
Earlier this year Jason Reitman suggested that he would be adapting another book but wouldn’t say what it was. Luckily all the waiting is over and you will be interested to know that the next adaptation is Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air starring George Clooney. This isn’t the first book by Walter Kirn to be adapted into a movie; his book Thumbsucker was released as a film in 2005, featuring Keanu Reeves and Vince Vaughn.

It seems that Up in the Air by Walter Kirn is about a guy called Ryan Bingham who works for companies who want to fire their executives without legal problems. One of the ambitions of Ryan Bingham is to complete one million air miles.

I have to admit that this seems a very strange plot and not your typical Hollywood material. This, however, is probably a good thing as you can only watch so many movies about a man and a woman who hate each other but secretly are in love. Give us a break!

So many film makers are scared shitless about making a movie that is a little bit different from the norm. Which is why so many movies all end up being much the same. They become so predictable there almost isn’t any point in spending money on a cinema ticket.

I really wish that we could have more film makers like Jason Reitman who aren’t scared to go with subjects that most others wouldn’t think of doing. He is one of a kind

Who is Walter Kirn?

As said before, Walter Kirn is a novelist. He graduated from Princeton University in 1983 and has published a number of short stories along with novels. Besides Up in the Air and Thumbsucker, he has also written Mission to America and an internet based novel The Unbinding. Not only is he a novelist but he’s also reviewed books and has worked for New York magazine and also Time Magazine. Walter Kirn is the fiction editor for GQ magazine, and the author of three previous novels. He lives near Livingston, Montana.

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