Sundance Film Festival Secret Reward: Your own Celebrity “Ear-gasm!”

Park City,Utah (RushPRNews) 01/14/09An ongoing Treasure Hunt is this year’s Sundance Film Festival’s best kept secret (until now). During the 2008 Fest lucky celebrities were gifted 110 of these mystical musical instruments called SongPods. The 111th SongPod was hidden somewhere in the festival’s host of Park City with the “clues” posted at the website.

To date – no one has claimed to have found the 111th SongPod, which is encased in a palm-sized weather-proof container. It’s matching SongPod or “Pod’ner” – will be awarded to the Finder when they contact with the container’s validation code. The lucky Finder’s story will also be posted on the site.

SongPods’ Native American Indian inventor adds, “The clues on the site should be a breeze for anyone standing out in the cold. There. I just gave you another clue.” The anonymous Indian has been hiding SongPods all over North America for the past 25 years. They have been hidden from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Circle. This is the inventor’s first SongPod cache in Utah.

What are SongPods? They are Trademarked as “handheld self-playing musical instruments, created to stir joy and spread peace.” Each tear-drop shaped metal SongPod requires several hours of crafting over 6 days. They are each filled with their own unique collection of “crystals, beads, secrets, mysteries…and three hours of intricate welding.” When available for sale, a custom made SongPod retails in the $155 range and includes “a three lifetime Guarantee.” Their mischievous Inventor adds, “Let’s hope I still know how to weld three lifetimes from now.”

Why hide them? “I have my reasons,” the soft-spoken Inventor replies. spells out a few of them.

The lucky celebs of 2008 often begged for more than one SongPod. “I didn’t see the celebrities as greedy. They responded like everyone does when they first hold SongPods to their own ears. Everyone gets that inner buzz and an outer bliss. Who wouldn’t want two ‘ear-gasms’ after they’ve had just one!”

Want to buy a SongPod instead of braving the Park City elements to find the hidden Sundance Pod? Sorry. There’s always a waiting list. Each SongPod is custom made and can include some “small meaningful shards or even special ashes” provided by the requesting party. Proceeds from those SongPods which are sold (instead of discovered) benefit both Native and Nature projects including the rehabilitation of injured wildlife.

Want to have a SongPod hidden near you – for a fund-or-consciousness raiser?

“Have Pod –Will Travel” is printed on the Inventor’s calling card, along with the website

“Here’s to-Peace-in-a-Pod!”

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