SNL -Sarah Pales in Comparison to Tina Fey

SARAH PALIN GOES LIVE ON SNL . Hype funnier than the real McCoy

By Mary Montserrat-Howlett

NEW YORK(RushPRnews)10/19/08— It’s politics meets pop culture and after much speculation and high expectations, vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, got what we thought would be her revenge, making her grand appearance on the hit late night TV show- Saturday Night Live. After weeks of taking the punches and enduring some dead-on impersonations by Tina Fey, Palin made her way onto the comedy show, with short appearances that remained graceful yet contained.

The show did indeed remain true to the current political climate, with guest host, Josh Brolin, the star of Oliver Stone’s new biopic film “W” whose opening monologue was pure Bush. “We have a lot in common,” he said, “Women that changed our lives, drinking, and neither of us should be president.” There was also a fanfare of other stars such as Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin and musical guest, female-Brit singer Adele.

Josh Brolin on SNLBut it was the Emmy-award winner and 30-Rock star (Baldwin) who really stole the laughs, first addressing Palin as “Tina”, only to then realize he was face-to-face with the real McCoy, quickly stating: “You are way hotter in person.” But the “Caribou Barbie” replied with her best line of the evening “Stephen is my favorite Baldwin brother,” as Alec took her by the arm and led her off stage.

A contrived performance, the evening was to be expected. Already being advised by her representatives to limit her disclosure, the former beauty queen openly announced on the show that she was not going to do the routine given to her by SNL, instead giving it all up to a rapping and extremely pregnant Amy Poehler, a routine complete with caribous and Eskimos .

Trying to show her funny side, play-along Sarah’s television debut may have offered audiences and voters a glimpse into a more laid back side, but the objective of the effort came out a little meek

Could the performance have an impact on the elections? Or has she finally found her true calling as an actor?

As Palin says: “It’s an opportunity to show my sense of humor and all of that”

SNL celebrates its 33 rd year, and the Sarah Palin/Tina Fey duo, have made ratings peek Palin, who only confirmed her appearance on the show on Friday, did have some good moments and even if she decides to “abortion any questions”, the show did run quite smoothly, but certainly didn’t match the build-up.

Even if the only pole she cares about is the North Pole, after weeks of Palin-fever, the hype might really be causing people to come down with Palin-fatigue.

Ane Howard collaborated to this report
photo: Copyright 2008 Getty Images / NBC

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