Recession Hits Scotland Hard

by Bill Davidson

SCOTLAND,(RushPRNews)12/05/08-Yet again the people of Scotland are being hammered by bad decisions made by faceless unknowns lavishing in tropical luxury oblivious of the damage they have left behind.The “World Recession”, badly engineered by greedy bankers striving to fill their boots have now jumped the queue ahead of Scotland’s homeless and poor with their hands out.

Also ahead in this queue; you can find, banks needing bailed out, war in Iraq, Trident and ID cards.
Research study commissioned by the BBC conducted by Sheffield University has revealed that Scotland had the largest number of poor people in each of the last four decades, as well as the highest death rate of all 14 regions examined.

The study also revealed that, between 1990 and 2000 the number of people in Scotland classified as being breadline poor rose from 27% to 32%.

210,000 Scottish children are classed as living in poverty which means they live in a household surviving on less than 60% of the average weekly wage.

Scotland is seen the world over as a small thriving community of just over 5,000,000 citizens and if you consider the above statistics the results are a very damning indictment on the last forty years according to the commissioned study made by Sheffield University towards our past caring governments.

The Queens speach made a few days ago in the “House of Lords”, had the centrepiece pinpointed on “Child Poverty”, and we have been informed that Britains Prime Minister; Gordon Brown will introduce legislation to eradicate child poverty, around 2020.

I well remember before Gordon Brown became Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon used to write a weekly column in the Scottish Sunday Post newspaper.

In Gordon’s columns he always wrote about the injustices of the poor in Scotland, he himself being Scottish, so I look forward to seeing exactly how his legislation will come to fruition.

Brian Hunter collaborated to this story. 

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