Sarah Palin May Have Had An Affair With Husband’s Business Partner

fishy sarahTeen Pregnancy and Adulterous Relationship, and the “Troopergate” scandal make for an inappropriate VP- Let’s keep in mind that Senator McCain is 72

By Mack Rawden

WASHINGTON,DC (RUSHPRNEWS)09-06/2008–Good God almighty! There may be trouble in the Great White North. John McCain’s Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin may have had an affair with her husband’s married business partner. That’s so heinous on so many different levels. The salacious accusation was first reported by The National Enquirer, who you may remember was one hundred percent right about John Edwards’ man whoring.

According to Perez Hilton, the man in question immediately sought a court order to close his divorce records, probably the guiltiest move in the history of bonehead guilty moves. I’ll be honest: I’ve been really impressed with Sarah Palin thus far. Sure, she lacks experience, but her frank honesty and bizarre name choices for her kids have given me something to smile about (not that I was planning to vote for her and McCain).

Personal lives have absolutely nothing to do with running the country. Thomas Jefferson was–to put it nicely–a monstrous philanderer, and I still worship the man with reverence. But would you really want to vote for some hussy who cheated on her husband with his best friend? I need a Vice President who has more in common with John Adams (minus the Alien & Sedition Acts) than Denise Richards.



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