Robin Williams on “License to Wed” Serves the Church of Satire

License to WedRobin Williams on “License to Wed” and license to commit satire
Williams donates a sizable amount of cash $20,000 dollars for the tribute to Mort Salh.  By Tom Wright for Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews) July 3, 1007 — Academy Award winner Robin Williams enters laughing during his non-stop rapid fire monologue he is preaching to the choir about playing Reverend Frank in “License To Wed” with Mandy Moore and John Krasinski.

“When writing comedies and musicals, you come up with the idea of playing Stephen Hawkins in a very touching romantic story about he and his nurse, called the Laptop Dancer. What I want you to know is that I accept this award, not just for myself, but on behalf of all, it, I mean didn’t charge battery.”
The preparation is important. “I just want to bring you the truth”.
Then a little voice inside Robin’s head veers off track with a new sermon that is closer to his heart. Robin tells Hollywood Today that he has donated a sizable amount of cash $20,000 dollars for the tribute to Mort Salh. Robin says, “He is history, Mort Sahl, like Jonathan Winter they are part of a legacy of political comic commentator, the ability to communication to fight and to talk honestly”.
Williams, too will go down as part satirical history, but for today, he speaks of others. “Sahl is just like Jonathan Winters is history, and he is also a part of another history, a legacy of a political comic, and a commentator that deserves to be heard. And, he is one of those guys in the school of Lenny Bruce, Mort,v Sahl, Dick Gregory,and Jonathan Winters; these guys that are, every year they keep calling me to be in these Mark Twain awards.”
“Those guys are a part of legacy of American comedy, which is it is also, you know the kind of the vivid expression of the first amendment We were told that Mort couldn’t pay his rent, “that’s not right dude”.
“These guys lied down their blood for us. Lenny Bruce, wake up American, George Carlin and his severn words that you can’t say on T.V., and Dick Gregory marching in the street, holding sit-ins and hungry strikes, all the time drawing attention to the misuse of justice.
And there is also other comics, like Lewis Black who talks straight, and direct, and gets just as many laughs as anybody, and appeal to a liberal audience with who you speak honestly saying, do you understand how absurd things are, do you realize how crazy it looks, not just to the outside world, but to us.
“To talk about what you are seeing in the Senate, and the kind of the castration of a lot of things with the idea of distraction. Paris Hilton is on the cover of the New York Times in the middle of the Gonzales trial, in the middle of all these other things.”
He might like to do more drama but reality creeps in. “This film can win you an Oscar but comedy pays more”. Robin said.
Playing the reverend Frank in his latest comedy film “License to Wed” Robin needed to hold back a little bit. “Yeah you have to be funny, but you also realize there are bounds. I have seen priests and reverends be very blue on occasion, they can talk as blue as anybody. But he has a certain level of decorum, he has to kind of maintain.” “Even though I can say, “let’s get the flock out of here, or what you do besides her?” “You know the idea of, he has got to acknowledge the fact that the idea of the old school, you are a virgin, you are not a virgin, you know that they have lived together, they have had sex, and they have done everything, and yet what are we offering them.
“Spiritual counseling on the idea of marriage is a long program. And you could be funny with that, and honest to them, and playful, and yet provocative. It’s like being an agent provocateur of saying, okay, these are the things you need to know besides sex, because I know that sex is going to be great in the beginning, it’s going to be, and if it isn’t, that’s really not a good sign. If someone’s falling asleep during foreplay, bad.”

“It’s better to give then you can receive” said, Robin who has just given back to his hero.,

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