Should McCain’s Mental and Physical Health Worry America

Is McCain Mentally Fit To Control America’s Nuclear Arsenal?

By Alton Maddox Jr.

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/15/2008–In Pakistan, an ex-mental patient, President Zadari now controls the red button….columnist warns that McCain’s suffering in captivity may have caused mental damage and says he’s not fit to control U.S. arsenal.

Instead of allowing the right-wing media to define the presidential issues, Obama should be demanding that McCain open up his military records to the public. Given his exhibited symptoms of psychological disorders, McCain is probably suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
The man who gave us Watergate, “Tricky Dick” Nixon, is now giving us John S. McCain III.

America has always looked for a “national hero,” starting with George Washington and including Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower.

They were generals and they served two terms in the White House, except Taylor who died in office. Since McCain never became an admiral like his father and grandfather, his military career, relative to rank, resembles that of Theodore Roosevelt, who commanded the “Rough Riders.” Roosevelt rose to the rank of colonel.

Quiet as it is kept, Black soldiers lifted Roosevelt to national hero status. The same can be said of Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans. The visionary schemer “Tricky Dick” planted a seed in 1973, which has sprouted in 2008. He gave McCain a new identity after the Vietnam War, even though McCain had been an admitted traitor.

Before his release as a prisoner of war, McCain had been an asset to his captors at the Hanoi Hilton and Plantation Gardens. McCain has already confessed to giving his captors more than his name, rank and serial number. Patriots refuse to put soldiers in harm’s way. This misconduct should have required a court-martial under Articles 133 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, especially since he also made disloyal statements toward the United States while in uniform.

Nixon was his benefactor. McCain decided to tough it out in Hanoi since an early release would have proven that he had betrayed his country. It did not help that McCain’s father, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., was the U.S. commander in the Pacific and Nixon’s top briefer. McCain’s father also had the ear of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

If McCain’s military records were unveiled, they might make Benedict Arnold look like a saint. Thanks to Nixon, McCain’s military records have been sealed in perpetuity and McCain has taken “the Fifth” so far. Those records should be the key issue in this presidential campaign. What is McCain hiding?

The physical health of a president is fully and routinely reported to the nation. McCain has a reputation for being mentally unstable and having a short fuse. His mentor and predecessor, Sen. Barry Goldwater, was biting at the bit to get his hands on the nuclear trigger in 1965.

A U.S. senator has said that he shudders to think what will happen if McCain gets a phone call at 3 a.m. in the White House. No one is seeking an answer. Thankfully, Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson would put an end to Goldwater’s presidential aspirations in 1964. He put out a political advertisement of a nuclear explosion with Goldwater as commander-in-chief. It was called the “Daisy” ad. Voters stampeded to the polling booths to give thumbs-down to Goldwater.

Unfortunately, Sen. Barack Obama is no LBJ. Obama’s campaign is based on red herrings while the world is facing nuclear annihilation. If McCain gets into the White House, he will immediately face down Iran and continue the illegal occupation of Iraq.

Russia is no punk, and it will respond to any crisis based on its geopolitical interests. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is angling to draw his nuclear pistol first. It is frightening that if McCain is successful at the polls, “Annie Oakley” will only be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

McCain had previously met Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a pit bull with lipstick, only once at a meeting of the National Governor’s Association. This casual chat lasted for 15minutes. It reveals McCain’s reckless approach to decision-making.

Obama is making the mistake of comparing himself with “Sarah Barracuda,” who was absent from all the presidential primaries and, so far, has refused, until September 11, to be interviewed by a news media outlet. Her only claim to fame is a speech, written by a Bush speechwriter, that she read at the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities.

Instead of allowing the right-wing media to define the presidential issues, Obama should be demanding that McCain open up his military records to the public. Given his exhibited symptoms of psychological disorders, McCain is probably suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Psychiatrists at the Defense Department have examined McCain, but they have refused to disclose their findings. It could be that bad. If McCain believes that the public has no right to his private records, the public should be able to decide that he has no right to become a public tenant in the nation’s capital.

After McCain broke down and confessed to his captors to being a war criminal, he attempted suicide. A war criminal has “violated international law governing the conduct of international armed conflicts.” If McCain gets his hand on the nuclear trigger, he might decide to take us with him. Attempted suicide is the psychological trauma commonly associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Instead of the Democratic Party demanding that McCain produce these vital psychological records covering his stay in North Vietnam, it is requiring Obama to answer Palin’s attacks. Obama must stoop to the level of responding to a skunk while turning a blind eye to McCain’s diversionary tactics. If the shoe were on the other foot, Republicans would be all over Obama.

It happened in 1972. Sen. George McGovern chose Sen. Thomas Eagleton as his running mate. It was later disclosed that Eagleton had been visiting a “shrink” and he had been given electroshock therapy for “nervous exhaustion” and “depression.” This therapy induces temporary amnesia.

The Republicans jumped all over McGovern. They accused him of lacking judgment and leadership for nominating Eagleton. Gov. John Connolly of Texas called Eagleton “crazy.” Eagleton had to reluctantly wave the white flag. The damage had been done. McGovern was only able to win Massachusetts on Election Day.

McCain knows this political history. He must divert attention away from himself to win the White House. Democrats are chasing Palin as if they are engaged in a game of “cat and mouse.” The other rats are leisurely eating the cheese. This is an old military trick and McCain is using it with great effect.

The Democratic Party is openly cooperating with McCain. Sen. Joseph Lieberman tooted McCain’s horn at the Republican National Convention. Afterward, Sen. Russ Feingold said that McCain would make a “good president.” Which Democrat will step up to the plate next for McCain?

Cong. Nancy Pelosi has already halted any impeachment proceedings against Bush 43. It gets worse. Black selected officials and self-appointed spokespersons are keeping a lid on McCain’s dirt. They are all straddling the fence on vigorously campaigning for Obama.

Black commercial radio has joined the hunt of the double talkers. Everybody is discussing Palin. She is a distraction. Nobody is discussing the key issue: McInsane. It will be “the fire next time.”

If McCain wins the presidential sweepstakes, the entire country had better leap for and lock down his nuclear trigger.

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