George Clooney Stars in Up In The Air

Up in the Air, with George ClooneyGeorge Clooney to Star in Up in The Air Based on Walter Kirn’s Novel

By Josh Tyler

LOS ANGELES, (RUSHPRNEWS) 08-28-2008– George Clooney looks good in a suit, and he’s taking steps to make sure he never appears without one. He’s making yet another movie where he’ll play a corporate muckity-muck. Variety says he’s in talks to star in a film called Up in the Air, based on a novel, as just about everything is.

Clooney will play a corporate downsizer who is obsessed with collecting frequent flier miles. I’m not exactly sure why that’s something worth watching, but Juno helmer Jason Reitman seems to think there is, since he’s directing it.

I get the appeal of watching movies about addicts. I just got back from seeing Choke, and that’s about a sex addict. But why would anyone want to watch a movie about a frequent flier miles addict, and is there a fancy latin name for it? A sex addict movie means sex, which is always fun. Even a movie about an alcoholic at least usually means a few nice scenes in which we get to watch an asshole yell at his kids.

Where’s the entertainment in obsessing over air miles? What’s the point? Does the movie end when he earns one of those pilot wings pins? I guess we’ll get to spend a lot of time on a plane… because air travel is so pleasant Clooney figures you might want to buy a ticket just so you can watch him enjoy it. Next up, Tom Cruise does a movie in which we spend ninety minutes watching him in line at the DMV. I wonder if it’ll be in IMAX?


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