CREDO Mobile from Working Assets Announces Stimulus Package for Progressive Nonprofits

Groups receive $3.3 million from progressive phone company that supports social change

San Francisco, CA, (RushPRnews) March 10, 2009CREDO, the mobile and long distance phone service brought to you by corporate-responsibility leader Working Assets, has announced a multimillion-dollar cash injection for nonprofit groups working to improve the lives of people around the world.

These donations come at a critical time, as the economic crunch severely squeezes funding for nonprofits.

“In the current economic climate, this type of support is vital, and on behalf of the millions of Americans who rely on our health care services, we are grateful for this donation from CREDO,” said Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider.” CREDO continues to be a leader—both locally and nationally—in furthering the mission of Planned Parenthood and its nationwide network of health centers.” CREDO has been the largest corporate sponsor of Planned Parenthood since 1986.

CREDO raises money for nonprofit groups like Planned Parenthood through automatic donations. Each time a CREDO customer makes a call or a purchase with the Working Assets Credit Card, a portion of the charges automatically goes into the CREDO donations pool. These contributions come at no extra cost to the customer. The groups that receive funding are nominated by CREDO customers, who also vote on how the donations are distributed.

“CREDO is proud to play a direct role in funding progressive nonprofits, which play such an important part in people’s lives today,” said CREDO CEO Laura Scher. “And we’ll continue to support popular causes like the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, advancing gay and lesbian rights, and ensuring fair elections. We know we’re doing the right thing because it’s what our customers want. After all, they generate the funds, they choose the groups we support and they tell us where they want the money to go.”

In addition to Planned Parenthood, which received $110,273 from the CREDO 2008 donations pool, groups receiving contributions include: Alliance for Climate Protection ($69,597), Doctors Without Borders ($136,822), Physicians for a National Health Program ($64,603), National Center for Lesbian Rights ($44,022) and USAction ($85,916).

“ Since its founding in 1985, CREDO and parent company Working Assets have generated more than $60 million for groups like these. To see the complete 2008 donations report, go to . To see the nonprofits CREDO customers are raising money for in 2009, go to

CREDO members also help direct half a million calls, letters and e-mails to Congress each month. Their efforts have recently been rewarded in a number of progressive successes, such as registering 2.5 million voters in the run-up to the 2008 election, urging an extension of vital tax credits for clean energy and halting the construction of 47 dirty coal-fired power plants around the U.S.

CREDO Mobile, formerly Working Assets Wireless, is brought to you by Working Assets. Working Assets was established in 1985 to help busy people make a difference in the world through everyday activities like talking on the phone. Every time a customer uses one of CREDO/Working Assets’ donation-linked services (long distance, wireless and credit card), the company donates a portion of the charges to nonprofit groups working to build a world that is more just, humane, and environmentally sustainable. To date, $60 million has been raised for progressive causes. The company also serves as a strong political force, dedicated to giving its customers the opportunity to speak out on critical public issues through its Web site and monthly phone bill.

CREDO Mobile
101 Market St. Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105

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