Bees Disappearance Seriously Threatens Our Food Supply

HoneybeeUrge the Department of Agriculture to act now to save bees

WASHINGTON,DC (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 20, 2008–Bees are a critical agricultural resource that help produce $15 billion worth of crops in the United States each year. The recent unexplained mass disappearance of honey bees, called colony collapse disorder, poses a significant threat to honey bees, beekeepers, farmers and our food supply.

Most bee experts believe bees could be falling sick due to a combination of factors, including pesticide exposure, invasive parasitic mites, an inadequate food supply and a new virus that targets bees’ immune systems.

Last year Congress recognized colony collapse disorder as a threat and granted the Department of Agriculture emergency funds to study the problem. In addition, the department receives $20 million each year for honey bee research, pest and pathogen surveillance, and other bee-related programs. But to date, the agency has been unable to fully account for how these funds are being used or show any significant results from its work.

What to do Urge the Department of Agriculture to fulfill its commitment to fight colony collapse disorder.
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