Atlantis Has Landed! Next Flight August 7th with Mission Specialist Barbara Morgan

After leaving the Orbiter Processing Facility Endeavour rolls to the Vehicle Assembly Building. The mission will be Endeavour's first flight in more than four years. Photo credit: NASA/George SheltonAtlantis Has Landed! Next Flight August 7th with Mission Specialist Barbara Morgan

Kennedy Space Center, FLA (rushprnews) July 3, 2007- Orbiter Atlantis made its graceful landing at Kennedy Space Center this morning mounted atop a modified 747 jetliner called the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, officially concluding the STS-117 mission.

Meanwhile, processing for the next mission, STS-118, continues at Kennedy. Orbiter Endeavour arrived inside the Vehicle Assembly Building this morning after a short roll from the nearby Orbiter Processing Facility. In the assembly building’s transfer aisle, Endeavour will be lifted vertically, transferred to a high bay and attached to its external tank and solid rocket boosters.

The STS-118 mission will deliver the S5 truss to the International Space Station and will mark the first flight of an educator astronaut, Mission Specialist Barbara Morgan. Launch is targeted for Aug. 7.


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