Interior Design Trends for 2023

With each new year comes new interior design trends that will give your home a stylish update. To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up the most popular trends for 2023 so that you can get started on creating your dream space.

Texture, particularly with fringe and decorative trim, is a top trend for 2023. To achieve an inviting layered aesthetic, incorporate textural elements into furniture and accessories like rattan, cane, boucle, sherpa, and light wood finishes.

Earthy Tones

Interior designers have long recognized that earthy tones can help create a calming atmosphere in homes. They can be utilized throughout any room to create an layered effect which makes the space feel cozier.

If you want to incorporate this trend in your home, one way to start is by using natural materials like stone and terracotta for floors, countertops and walls. These can be utilized as flooring materials, countertop tops and walls alike.

You can also incorporate neutral shades to bring this trend into your home. A brown and beige color combination may be perfect for creating a warm, relaxing bedroom or bathroom space.

You can also incorporate different textures in your earthy tones for a visually striking space. Textures can take the form of fabrics, rugs and even furniture pieces.

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes are not just for plants; these free-flowing lines and curves have an impact on interior design as well. While not regulated to exact measurements, creating them can be challenging but technology is making it simpler.

These irregular shapes are frequently employed in art, architecture and landscaping to give a natural aesthetic. They’re sometimes referred to as biomorphic shapes because they mimic natural forms found in nature.

Curved furniture, plush accent chairs, ottomans with natural textures and statement rugs can all add to this trend. Wall art with soft tones and rounded edges also contributes to this aesthetic.

Statement Ceilings

Ceilings often go overlooked, yet they can be an eye-catching design element that truly sets a room apart. Whether it’s with funky geometric patterns or vibrant colors, there are plenty of ways to bring drama to the top of your space.

Add a splash of color to the ceiling for visual interest without making your space seem too dark or cluttered. Choose a hue that complements your walls or complements other aspects in your decor.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are an ideal way to create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. You can use various natural materials, such as wood, plants, and wicker, to achieve this look.

Utilizing natural materials in your home is a great way to achieve holistic design, which may be especially beneficial for those who tend to experience anxiety or depression.

For instance, earth promotes order and stability in a space while fire encourages creativity and innovation. But too much of either one or the other can lead to feelings of heaviness, irritability or inexpressiveness.

Integrating natural elements is an affordable and straightforward way to create a home that’s both attractive and practical. Start by selecting natural materials that complement your interior design style, then select furnishings that work well with them.

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