Pros From Click Clone Cash Share Which NFT Projects To Watch

Click Clone Cash on Top NFT projects

Every day new NFT projects are being launched. Artists, investors, and entrepreneurs have all learned how profitable and fulfilling NFTs can be, and in return, they are all experimenting with the tech.

So, as a collector or investor, how can you tell which projects are worth your money and which aren’t? Well, the first step is to listen to the pros. Click Clone Cash is a team of NFT experts who keep a close eye on NFT markets and technology and have a proven track record of making fantastic NFT investments.

Click Clone Cash agreed to share a list of which NFT projects they’re watching and which ones you should consider researching and investing in. 

Satoshi Runners

Satoshi Runners is a pixel art project with 7,777 tokens available. What is interesting about this project and what makes it stand out is that the NFT art comes with many bonus features. 

Buying two Satoshi Runners has the chance to breed a baby Satoshi. The developers behind Satoshi Runners also plan to buy land in Decentraland, where they will be creating 3D versions of the Satoshi Runners. 

These bonus features and their cool lo-fi pixel art style are the primary reason Satoshi Runners are being considered so heavily by Click clone Cash.

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Technology and Computers have been a boys’ game for a while. Recently, we’ve been seeing more women take an interest in Computer Science and Technology, which is great. 

However, they’re still a bit underrepresented, so Ethereal is so special. Ethereal is an NFT collection depicting women and promoting the acceptance of vulnerable emotions like sadness and weakness. 

There are many projects promoting strength, so it’s nice to have a project that says it’s okay to feel weak or insecure sometimes. 


There are many cartoon-themed NFTs with goofy, colorful artistic styles. Cartoons stand out among these projects because they plan to go far beyond just the NFT market. 

The developers want to build an entire brand off of their characters. Cereal boxes, Cartoons, Comic Books, anything you can imagine, they want to do it.

The potential is infinite, which is why Click Clone Cash considers this a project worth looking at. 

Cryptoon Goonz

Crytpooon Goonz is the epitome of 2020 NFT projects. Crazy, creepy characters with a cartoony, nostalgic style. Click Clone Cash believes that in the future, when people think about early-era NFTs, the Cryptoon Goonz are going to spring to mind. 

Because of this, they believe in the project. They also like how all Goonz are completely randomly generated, from their face to their weapon to their outfit. 

So if you can find a sweet style that no one else has found, you may be able to get a low-ball price on something awesome. 


Antonym is an exclusive project that piques Click Clone Cash’s interest even more. Not a lot has been released about the project. 

There is a private discord where most of the discussion takes place, and there is no website to check out. We are waiting for the launch of this project, where half of the NFTs will be sold privately and the other half publicly. 

The exclusivity of this project and its unique art style are why you should keep an eye on it. 

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