How Do Amusement and Theme Parks Use QR Codes Today?

Since visitors to amusement and theme parks dropped from over 250 million to approximately 83 million today, the companies behind them are looking for new ways to attract more foot traffic in the post-pandemic era.

With QR codes being commonly used since the start of the pandemic, amusement and theme parks found them useful in maximizing operations in a contactless way. 

Some big amusement and theme parks like Disneyworld incorporate these 2D barcodes to serve their visitors better and simplify some of their theme park processes.

Using a QR code generator online, here are how amusement parks and theme parks use QR codes to modernize their marketing and business operations. 

How do amusement and theme parks use QR codes?


Before, amusement and theme parks used paper tickets and checked them manually for verification to avoid ticket fraud and sales loss. This causes longer queues and frustrations from park visitors. 

To avoid this issue, most amusement and theme parks today add a technological touch to the tickets they sell using QR codes and upgrade their verification process. 

One amusement park in Vietnam, built by ABC Ltd., uses QR codes in its ticketing system to speed up visitor acceptance and increase its revenue during operating hours. 

Redemption of Prizes

Some amusement and theme parks are not only offering rides and attractions in the vicinity; a few also have a mini arcade space where players can have fun and get some amazing rewards. 

To make the redemption of prizes easier for arcade goers, amusement and theme parks attach QR codes to their arcade tickets. 

Using QR code software online, amusement park arcades can modify their QR code design by selecting patterns, colors, and eye shapes. In addition, they can add their park logos and call to action on it. 

COVID-19 Vaccination check

Amusement and theme parks have reopened, but they’re under strict pandemic guidelines. They are extending their COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures by ensuring the safety of their customers and staff. 

They do this by sanitizing the rides and spaces people usually stay in and mandating every visitor to show their vaccination cards. 

To simplify their vaccination checking process, some visitors convert their vaccine cards into digital ones. One way to do this is using a PDF QR code to store them, and saving them on their phones for easier identification.

Park Maps

QR codes are used by amusement and theme parks to lead visitors to an interactive or digital copy of their park map. 

Scanning one enables the visitors to know the shortest route of their next ride. Going techy with QR codes can help your visitors save time during their visit and enjoy every attraction or ride with the map on their smartphones. 


To increase the number of people who visit their parks and try some of the rides, amusement and theme parks can use QR codes to track their campaign’s impressions and conversions. 

With a dynamic QR code, they can easily track the number of scans and get all the relevant information about the scanner like the location of scans, the device used in scanning, and more. 

This can help them in their marketing campaigns and plan out more effective promotions.

Since Gen Z and millennials are more open to using new technology, it’s only right that amusement and theme parks are modernizing their operations to meet their customers’ needs better. 

If you own an amusement park or work for one, you can start pitching the effective yet low-cost use of QR codes in your amusement park and create a seamless park operation to draw in more customers.

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