What to Look for in a Commercial Grill

When you go commercial, you need commercial equipment. This is not always apparent when choosing commercial grills because commercial equipment can be expensive and people want something that will produce amazing results for a lower cost. Here’s what to look for in a commercial grill:

Temperature Range

Commercial grade grills must have an impressive range of temperature control, otherwise they simply would not be considered commercial grade units. The majority of these units heat up much hotter than what you may find with your home-use model. Because products cook so quickly over high heat, these commercial units must be able to maintain their heat level to ensure that food is cooked thoroughly and quickly.


Commercial units are built with commercial grade materials such as stainless steel and cast iron. The grill grates should be made from high-quality material so they do not warp or flake over time. Some commercial grills have small electric heating coils in the bottom of the unit so that you can cook a product on both the top and bottom at once.

These small pieces can take a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important that they’re built from quality material. If your commercial grills have burners made from porcelain-coated steel, then check around carefully before buying them because this material can burn out very quickly and be expensive to replace.


These commercial units are very simple to use because they’re built for commercial environments. The commercial-grade components ensure that the commercial grill can run continuously for years, producing perfect results every time. These machines must be able to handle the commercial environment, so if your commercial kitchen experiences harsh daily use, then these units will likely last much longer than other units.


Although commercial grade components may drive up the price tag up front, they will definitely save money over time because they’re built with commercial toughness in mind. They’ll handle harsh commercial environments much better than those that were simply made for home use and these commercial models will last much longer than less expensive models that may not have been made with commercial durability in mind. Commercial grills are definitely worth the investment because commercial environments are hard on everything!

Heat Output

A commercial grade product only means that the unit will put out commercial-quality heat, not commercial-grade heat. Many commercial products are still quite small in their heating capacity compared to commercial processing systems used in professional kitchens. For example, a 60″ commercial grills doesn’t have nearly enough space to cook even 10 portions of food at once. Make sure the commercial grill you choose has enough surface area to thoroughly cook all your products at one time.

Overall,  commercial grade grills should have commercial-grade construction and commercial-quality operational components such as heat output, size, and power systems. Commercial people look at commercial products for commercial purposes: to cook lots of food at once in the same amount of time with commercial precision. Make sure you purchase a commercial product if that’s what you need.

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