Things You Should Never Store in a Storage Unit

There are many different things you can put in a storage unit for long-term storage. But there are some things you should never store; using self storage space for these items isn’t worth the risk.


It is important to keep your food safe from bugs, rodents and other pests that can be attracted by its smell. To avoid this problem, use containers with lids to seal off the food or consider purchasing airtight plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes for your supplies. Additionally, ensure the units are not located at ground level where it would be easy for mice and rats to enter through vents or holes. If you have no choice but to leave food inside your unit, then you should still take precautions against unwanted visitors by keeping them tightly sealed away.

Glass Items

Storing glass objects could result in damage if they are bumped around during transit or shifts in temperature. If you have many fragile objects to store, it would be ideal to purchase a plastic container instead of a cardboard box.

Anything Flammable

Flammable items should not be stored in storage units because the heat generated by lighting candles could cause your belongings to catch on fire if they are too close. Be sure to place your unit at least 50 feet away from barbeque pits or grills and never light them inside or near the storage unit even if they are charcoal briquettes!


The heat and humidity levels in the units could damage your personal electronics over time, especially if you live in a hot climate. Some storage facilities will not allow customers to store electronics due to their sensitivity to temperature changes (although they might not enforce this rule). If you still wish to put them in storage, then be sure to purchase containers for them. For items like computers that require ventilation, place them on the floor away from the wall so there is room for airflow. Also keep them out of direct sunlight by avoiding placement near windows or skylights!


Storing chemicals like paint thinners alongside other items is dangerous because if they have a leak, it can contaminate everything else. In the event that you must store these items together, be sure to purchase a plastic container with a secure lid to avoid any leakage or accidents during transportation.

Personal Information

If you are storing important papers in paper form (such as tax records or pay stubs) then use self storage units that have photocopiers onsite so you can make multiple copies when needed! There are also companies who cater to individuals looking for secure offsite data backup , which may be an option worth considering.

Stuffed Animals

Storing favorite stuffed animals brings back memories, but they aren’t always the most practical things to store. Some people like to use them as decorations or seating when they are decorating their unit, but they are not practical for long-term storage. Most storage facilities will require that you purchase a plastic container to store these items in so that rodents can’t chew through them and make nests. And remember, the heat could dry them out too much so be sure to protect them from direct sunlight!

Anything That Needs Refrigeration/Freezing

This includes food, insulin and medical supplies like test tubes and pregnancy kits. Leaving these items in their packaging is fine but removing them could cause a leak. If you bring a cooler to your storage unit, make sure to place it alongside other non-fragile items so they won’t tip over and spill everywhere.


The only liquids you should ever place in your storage unit are ones that come out of a can or bottle. People have accidentally ruined their belongings by spilling things like shampoo, mouthwash, and window cleaner because they were stored unopened.

Most people should not have trouble storing their belongings in a storage unit, but it is best to avoid placing these above items in them if possible. Storage units provide an extra level of security and safety when used appropriately. But for many other items there are easy alternatives so you do not have to store something that could be potentially hazardous!

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