What is it Like to Live in Lincoln?

Lincoln, Nebraska, is a densely populated capital that knows how to party but also knows when it’s time to work hard and get the job done.  Although many don’t realize everything available in Nebraska, this city offers everything from bars, coffee shops, thriving businesses, and great spaces for young professionals to start a family.

If you’re curious about what life could be like for someone in Lincoln, there’s no better place to find out!

It’s Extremely Affordable!

Lincoln, NE, is consistently labeled as one of the most affordable cities in the country.  Many sites have listed Lincoln apartments as the second most affordable college town living space in the country.  Everything from food, housing to entertainment is all at a far better price.

Unfortunately, the average hourly rate employees only make $38,370 per year, which means it’s about seven thousand below the national average of $45,552.  Of course, your income varies based on what you can do, but it’s a good idea to be aware of the general income level of the city.

Friendly For Families

Lincoln has been gaining a lot of attention as one of the best places to live: and one of those reasons is how great it is for raising a family.  Lincoln is a college town growing and changing over time and developing into a great area with a real focus on mixing education and entertainment.  In 1987 a children’s museum was created that’s now a 23,300 square foot facility that offers hands-on learning and fun for children of every age.

Fantastic Schools

Lincoln is a college town, which means that it really focuses on ensuring that universities and schools are high-rated and capable of giving the best education possible.  From Union College, a 130-year-old college that educates through religion, to the University of Nebraska, which focuses on career building and learning skills that will easily translate into the job market: you can find a college for any interest and affordability here.  

There’s Lots To Do Here

Lincoln has more to do than most would expect!  While you’re here, there are countless museums, a couple of great zoos, and endless monuments all over the city!  

If you need a moment of peace in the middle of packing or moving, check out Sunken Gardens!  This beautiful garden is full of ponds, plants, sculptures, and gorgeous stonework that makes the entire space feel like a fantasy.  

If you want something more textile, you can visit the international quilt museum with endless quilts and fabrics that show the history of quilting.

Fantastic Food and Nightlife

There’s no end to the delicious restaurants, fun bars, and fantastic nightclubs to check out in Lincoln.  You can stop in for lunch at the Piedmont Bistro by Venue and have an incredible dinner and show at Screamers Dining, and Cabaret which has family-friendly fun shows every night.

Lincoln is one of the most well-rounded and interesting cities in the USA!  Visit soon and see some of this magic firsthand.

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