Herbalife24 Review – Helping Athletes Train & Recover Faster

Herbalife Review

Herbalife Nutrition is no stranger to exercise. However, as a proponent of healthy living, Herbalife Nutrition focuses on more than just what people consume. They are focused on helping people live fitter and more healthy lives worldwide. Herbalife Nutrition has lines of products for everyone. One of their most recent products caters toward a subset of the population who depend upon nutrition for their very livelihoods. Herbalife reviewed their products and found one area that could be improved upon athletic focus, recovery, and performance.

Herbalife24 focuses on what athletes, runners, and anyone seeking peak strength needs to do their best during their workouts. Herbalife Nutrition currently sponsors the LA Galaxy Soccer team. They have been integral to showcasing the nutrition research that has been done to create the Herbalife24 line. As well as providing the team with targeted nutrition, the Herbalife24 lineup helps athletes stay hydrated and alert.

However, despite the line of nutritional supplements focusing on runners and athletes, the lineup is not just for professional athletes, runners, or team members. Herbalife24 is for anyone committed to improving their workout regimen and their lives.

How Being An Athlete Can Tax The Body

Everyone expends a little too much energy sometimes, whether they are on their feet at a long work shift or spending time chasing after kids on the weekend. Usually, we take an extra hard day in stride because our bodies have the time to recover between events that push them beyond their comfort. However, athletes push their bodies to the limits every day, making recovery hard to accomplish. As extraordinary as their feats are, athletes can put their bodies in harm’s way if they are not taking good care of them.

Too much exercise can lower your immune response. When your body works too hard on exercise recovery alone, it can mean that your immune system spends less time on foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. Having the correct type of nutrients and supplements, like L-glutamine, can aid the body’s recovery time and prevent sickness by keeping the immune system working well.

It is much easier to become dehydrated immediately after a workout. Most of us know that our bodies lose a lot of water during workouts through sweat. We try and stay cool and quench our thirst during workouts (when our metabolic rate is much higher) by consuming water during our workouts. Once we finish, however, we often drink less than we need to. This can lead to sustained dehydration throughout the day, which hinders muscle repair and may sustain the discomfort associated with post-workout recovery.

You raise your body temperature, which can make you feel sick (among other effects). As a result of a higher metabolic burn rate, your body temperature rises during and after every workout. This is great for burning calories, but it can do a lot of damage to muscles and make you feel off. When your body temperature rises above average (even if you are not sick), this is technically a fever. Drinking water helps you cool off, but a consistently elevated body temperature can cause nausea, cramps, chills, and other symptoms that might make you feel as though you are sick.

You deplete your “gas tank” and feel consistently tired. The term “running on empty” is based on actual events that occur in your body. When you exercise frequently and in abundance, your glycogen levels naturally deplete. This leads to feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Your body breaks down its muscle fibers much more quickly. Minor tears and repairs to muscle fibers are how your body builds more muscle. However, if done too often, it can damper athletic performance and hinder muscle building.

Addressing Athlete Needs: About Herbalife24

Because there are so many reasons why athletes need extra protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, Herbalife Nutrition knew they had to provide a solution. So, they created their Herbalife24 line. So far, Herbalife reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Herbalife24 is a nutritional supplement line offered for the “24-hour athlete”. In other words, this line of nutritional shakes, bars, and other consumables is for people who think about their body as a high-performance machine, rather than just thinking about when their next workout will be. The line of products available through Herbalife24 is designed to keep the body optimized throughout the day, even when not working out or doing anything active.

The driving factor behind Herbalife24 was misinformation about how the body works during and after workouts. With so much information available on the internet, there is plenty of misinformation surrounding the athlete’s body. Herbalife24 takes the most recent, verified, and well-known research on the athlete’s body and packaged it into a holistic nutritional offering.

The Herbalife24 line includes:

  • CR7 Drive: This member of the Herbalife24 family is the brainchild of Herbalife Nutrition and legendary soccer player Cristiano Renaldo. Designed to fuel workouts and better stamina, CR7 Drive is a sports drink with a bit of kick. It contains a 4-carb mixture, which helps fuel workouts or sports matches to improve performance. Sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes help hydrate the body during and after athletics. Additionally, CR7 contains a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals designed to promote better health as an athlete. Unlike other sports drinks, CR7 does not use artificial dyes, so it is easy to use CR7 to supplement workouts without consuming unnatural dyes or colorants.
  • Formula1 Sport: Herbalife Nutrition came to fame for their nutritional shakes, so the company would have been remiss not to include at least one meal shake in their Herbalife24 lineup. However, this nutritional shake is a meal replacement explicitly prepared with athletes in mind, which effortlessly combines with water or milk for an additional creamy texture. It contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients to tide the body over between workouts and help it heal before the next workout.

Protein is the star ingredient in this meal replacement shake but is by no means the only player. When consumed as part of a regular diet, protein is a muscle-building powerhouse and satisfies hunger. Formula1 Sport also contains proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals and holds athletes over between meals.

  • Prepare: Prepare is about setting the body up for success before and in between workouts. The proprietary formula focuses on promoting the healthy flow of blood throughout the body, which aids in muscle recovery and nutrient delivery during and after exercise. Additionally, Prepare includes creatine monohydrate, which provides muscles with an extra dose of power during and after workouts. Creatine is the body’s premier source of ATP, a building block that powers the body. While the body creates its creatine, the addition of creatine through Prepare supports increased muscle levels, workout capacity, and more. Prepare contains L-arginine for healthy blood flow, L-citrulline and ornithine for nitric oxide production, and 100mg of caffeine for focus and performance. All of this is delivered with only 60 calories per serving.
  • Restore: Herbalife24 Restore is a capsule taken before bed that helps decrease muscle inflammation. It includes curcumin to help reduce exercise-induced inflammation, elderberry and saberry™ to reduce free radicals within the body, and vitamin C and beta carotene for immune support. Taken at night, this supplement is Herbalife Nutrition’s way of hitting the reset button.
  • Rebuild Strength: This product is a nutrient blend designed to help the body recover after exercise. It contains 24 grams of protein, L-glutamine, a tri-core blend of amino acids, and more. Rebuild Strength contains more than just protein because the body needs protein and carbohydrates to function correctly and recover with the least amount of stress. Athletes should consume protein and carbs within 30 minutes after a workout or athletic performance for the body to function correctly and recover well. So, Herbalife Nutrition designed this shake to taste delicious and give the body the nutrients it needs directly after a workout by just adding water.

Rebuild Strength works like this: immediately after exercise, your body sends repair-stimulating cells to damaged muscles during a workout. Consuming carbohydrates spikes insulin levels throughout the body, which actually “opens up” the muscles throughout the body. Insulin allows amino acids (like those found in Rebuild Strength) to go directly into the muscle and aid in repair.

  • Enhanced Protein Powder: Enhanced Protein Powder, or EPP, can be used as a performance-enhancing protein drink, drink booster, or mixed into a recipe to enhance the protein ratio, making it one of the most versatile products in the Herbalife Nutrition family. The nutritional basis for EPP is whey, and only the most high-quality dairy is utilized to create the powder. When included in a workout drink, such as the CR7 Drive, the protein includes a multistage release which delivers immediate and sustained amino acids to boost any workout. The powder has a subtle vanilla flavor, making it perfect for blending with existing Herbalife shake powders.
  • BCAAs are crucial when it comes to building and retaining lean muscle, a powerhouse behind the athletic performance. Herbalife Nutrition’s BCAAs stimulate muscle growth while curbing muscle breakdown, leading to maximized results. Additionally, BCAAs support muscle recovery after the breakdown of muscles. This performance enhancer is legal for all athletes at any stage of their career and includes 5 grams of BCAAs and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Herbalife Review: Is Herbalife24 Safe For Professional Athletes?

One of the most common questions Herbalife Nutrition gets about the Herbalife24 lineup is whether it is safe for athletes to use Herbalife24. Professional athletes go through regular drug and illegal supplement tests to ensure a fair playing field for all athletes. So, most professional athletes want to ensure what they are putting in their bodies is improving their performance and is legal to consume.

Herbalife Nutrition has made it abundantly clear that Herbalife24 is safe all around – both legally and physically. Each batch of Herbalife24 is tested and cleared to be clean of athletic-banned substances. Each batch must also meet rigorous label claims and contaminant test criteria before being packaged and released. Finally, Herbalife24’s manufacturing facilities are continually audited for GMP compliance, ensuring the highest-quality options for all athletes, regardless of their professional status. Herbalife24 products are Certified For Sport by the National Science Foundation. Being an athlete is hard work, and not having access to the proper nutrition can make it harder. Herbalife Nutrition is dedicated not only to health but to helping those who strive to showcase the natural power of the human body.

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