How to Actually Earn Money Online?

Making money online has been one of the most bothersome topics for people of all ages during the last 15 years, but today it’s more urgent than ever. The worldwide surge in remote work policies suggests that many of us stay out of office forever, so it’s high time to start benefiting from that. Below are the ways for you to start earning your slice this month. 

1. Trading & Investing

Depending on your attitude to risk, you can always take a small part of your savings and invest them into a CFDs Forex trading or an investment portfolio. Of course, both paths require knowledge, but they also don’t bring anyone money until they start practicing and learning from their own mistakes. If you master one or multiple financial instruments, you can start generating additional income or a full-size salary within a year or even a couple of months. 

2. Teach People on YouTube

In most cases, we all know something others don’t. Here are some ideas of what you can teach people online:

  • Professional software basics and expert tips;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Acting;
  • Cooking.

Actually, you can look for the most frequently asked “how to” questions on YouTube to see what bothers people the most and try to make fun videos to answer their questions. Do a little research, and you will see that you can generate millions of views telling about anything if you do it passionately. 

3. Become a Copywriter or a Proofreader

Copywriting is a job that requires just you and any laptop. Due to this, you can take your work anywhere around the globe and spend your evenings differently. Copywriting is a huge industry in which anyone can find a place until they feel good about writing exciting texts on the given topic. 

Every company that needs copywriters also requires proofreaders. If you have a good knowledge of grammar, you can earn around $15-$30 per standard 5-page business document, which takes around an hour to check. 

4. Teach Foreigners English 

Native English speakers are highly valuable abroad as millions of people are ready to pay for learning a language with them. Even if you don’t know any other language, you still can find a way to teach it to children or adults from anywhere in the world. For your comfort, there are multiple websites where you can advertise your services. Some people simply offer their services to foreigners on social media. 

5. Start a Drop-Shipping Business

Drop-shipping is a retail practice that doesn’t require you to obtain any goods and physical storage. What you have to do is find a place to purchase goods for a good price and offer them to somebody else with a markup. This involves developing and implementing marketing strategies but saves you thousands of dollars on storage facilities. 

6. Take Transcription Jobs

If you are good at typing texts on your computer, you can try yourself as a transcriber. To complete these jobs, you have to listen to audio files and type as fast as you can. If your speed is around 75-100 words per minute, you can transcribe 1-hour audio in around 4 hours and get paid right on the completion. Similar to copywriters, fast typists will be in demand until AI learns how to write better than humans. 

7. Create an Online Course

It’s very hard to teach people some things without combining different media. That’s where online courses can help you. You have an option to sell your knowledge in textual and video formats, offer them to people who want to know everything you know and make money from that. The best thing about online courses is that people can download them an unlimited number of times per day without taking your time. Create a course and do the marketing. It’s a very good idea to partner with someone who’s good at online sales for a better result. 

Every Freelancer Must Know

Now that you have an idea of what you can do to make money online, take your time to have a deeper look into each job to understand how it works. Don’t hurry to make the money and focus on your feelings about this job. Do you like doing it? Does it match your lifestyle? Are you ready to practice a lot to make it to the required level? Don’t be afraid to try different things, and you will find something that makes you happy and brings enough money at the same time.

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