Best Smokers for Beginners

If you are a beginner when it comes to smokers, you should know there are different ones you can try out; this article will act as a guide, and you’ll finally get the best smoker to suit your needs as a beginner.

The best smokers for beginners include:

1.    Pit Barrel Cooker

The cost of the pit barrel cooker is competitive, and you’ll get value for your money if you’re looking for a smoker that uses charcoal. There are different budget options in the market; however, they need to be modified accordingly if you don’t want the smoker to be poorly insulated. If the smoker is not well insulated, you’ll have a hard time using it.

The pit barrel cooker comes in handy in such instances. It usually uses a system of hooks that is unique, and they’re used to hang everything. There is also a chrome-plated grill grate, and it comes in handy in instances whereby you don’t want to use the hooks.

By hanging the meat, you get to take advantage of the smoker’s capacity better. For instance, you can hang at least eight rib racks. When you hang the meat, there will be better heat distribution considering there is no conduction compared to when the meat is placed on the grill.

What do we like about the pit barrel cooker?

•    The temperatures are stable- the drum has been well insulated such that the temperature control is stable.

•    Unique hook design- the smoker has extra capacity. Also, considering you can hang the meat, it will cook evenly, and it will have some extra flavor. The end result will be pleasing, and you won’t regret investing in the pit barrel cooker.

•    The quality is superb- the smoker is made using 18-gauge durable steel. A porcelain enamel coating is also put in place to enhance the quality of the smoker.

2.    The Z Grills ZPG-7002E Smoker

If you’re a beginner, don’t shy away from trying this smoker. It is affordable, and the quality is superb. Z grills have been involved in the manufacture of grills for many years, and recently they managed to establish their brand.

The grill ensures that you have enough cooking space. There is also a primary and elevated smoking rack. For those who need some extra space, there is the version that is slightly expensive, and under the grill, there is a cabinet.

The advantages of this grill include:

•    Temperature stability- the earlier model of the Z-Grills had some issues. Fortunately, the company managed to fix everything, and the new update ensures there is temperature stability.

•    You get value for money- the quality of this build, size, and usability ensures you get value for your money.

3.    The Weber Smokey Mountain

The price of this smoker is favorable considering it’s of good quality. It is durable and strong. There are different sizes that you can choose from, ranging from 14 to 22 inches. The bullet design comes in handy for those who have limited space.

The smoker is somewhat slim, and it has two cooking racks, which means you have a larger cooking area. You can prepare a significant amount of meat at one go, such that you can feed a huge group at once. Over the years, the smoke design has improved significantly. The Weber brand offers a 10-year warranty upon each purchase.

The advantages of this smoker include:

•    The water smoker design ensures the temperature control is easy- there is a water bowl, and it is present between the charcoal and the grates where you place the meat. Some humidity will be added to the smoke chamber such that the temperatures will be stable.

•    The smoker is versatile- the smoker is also suitable for experienced smokers. If you’re tired of low-quality smokers, you should try out the Weber Smokey Mountain.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner interested in smoking, you should know that there is always something out there for everyone, including the professionals. To get started, you can try out each of the smokers listed above.

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