Pulled Over For Suspected DUI: What To Do Next

Being pulled over is a stressful event,  to say the least. Your heart rate immediately rises when you see those flashing lights behind you. If you have had something to drink, you might be recounting what you drank and exactly when it was. The smell might be too much to overcome as some people that drink frequently can smell like alcohol after a few drinks. You might be asked to get out of your car to talk to the officer. It is important to understand your rights while being simultaneously respectful to the officer. Below are tips for what you should do when being investigated/pulled over for a suspected DUI.

Be Honest About Your Ability To Do The Field Sobriety Test 

Being honest with yourself about whether you could perform the field sobriety test sober is important. There are some people that simply are not coordinated or might have a physical impairment. In the case of a physical impairment, the officer might immediately ask you to submit to a breathalyzer. This can be the biggest piece of evidence that can be used against you as these tests are incredibly accurate. 

Do Not Submit To The Breathalyzer If Unsure of Alcohol Levels

Understanding your limits is important but one stiff drink can put a smaller person at risk of blowing over the legal limit. Investing in a breathalyzer can be a great one as DUI charges can cost thousands in fines and legal fees. Refusing the test is not possible everywhere as there are law enforcement agencies that will take blood in the case of a refusal. Blood is taken in nearly all cases where someone is injured due to suspected DUI.

Get Incredible Legal Representation

Finding the best lawyer for many simply means conducting local searches on google for terms like Raleigh DUI attorney or DUI Attorney Harrisburg PA. But getting credible and effective legal representation will come down to a few factors. The budget does play a role although having a personal friend that does criminal law can help save on this. The best-case scenario if charged with a DUI is that of the charges being dropped. There might not have been justifiable cause to pull you over in the first place. Body cameras can allow a judge to see how a person is acting as impairment is a judgment call. Pleading the charges down if there is sufficient evidence might be possible with the right attorney. Reckless driving is a far better charge than DUI, especially when looking for employment. 

Stay Out of Trouble

The legal process can take months so it is important to stay out of trouble during this time. An additional charge during this time can lead to your DUI punishment being more severe. The probation process might be a bit overwhelming but all you have to do is not participate in illegal activity. Probation can be a nightmare if you continually get into trouble as you could serve real jail time. 

Being pulled over for a suspected DUI can seem like a nightmare especially if you are not impaired. Fighting this is important as at the very least, you can have your fines reduced.

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