Top‌ ‌Reasons‌ ‌Why‌ ‌You‌ ‌Need‌ ‌Organic‌ ‌Cotton‌ ‌Clothing

You will probably see a collection of soft and colorful cotton clothes when you look into your child’s closets. There are compelling reasons why most of the non-synthetic outfits are made out of cotton, whether you choose them deliberately or not. You might select organic cotton clothes if you are ready to maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle. You may or may not realize the advantages of cotton before now, but organic cotton also has many advantages.

The Advantages of Cotton Clothing  

Cotton is popular for several reasons, some of which is a natural, breathable and non-allergic material. We can use it in warmer climates and still be comfy since it is absorbent, as it doesn’t pull the heat up and enables moisture to evaporate. This also means that it acquires less odor than synthetic materials. It means it can be washed less frequently which thus saves water, energy, and wear and tear making our clothes last longer. Cotton can be made into a fabric of different weight, most of which are washable and long-lasting. 

Using Less Synthetic Fabric  

We use less polyester, nylon, or micro-fleece when we wear cotton. These fabrics are manufactured from petrochemicals that are harmful when worn on the skin. Also, when we wash them at home, synthetic fleece discards plastic particles called microfibers that impact the marine and aquatic species. These pollutants are found in animals such as crabs and fish and even in sea salt.

Advantages of Organic Clothing:

Avoiding Chemicals  

Organic clothing is being produced and manufactured safely, without harmful substances, finished effects, and is not synthetically produced. Throughout the production process of fabrics, the use of chemicals and toxic fibers has an impact. The end product will incorporate pesticides, dyes, and other residues that can harm everyone at home- parents, children, and even our pets. Agricultural and plastic pesticides are potential causes for food allergies, obesity, and even Alzheimer’s diseases.

Conservation of Natural Resources  

The rotation of crops, water use, and emissions are all reduced when people farm organically. Cotton is a demanding plant that makes up 2.6% of the world’s water consumption, but organic and sustainable methods are far more effective and contaminate less.

20% of industrial contamination of water is a result of fabric treatment and dyeing. This statistic can be substantially reduced by manufacturers adhering to textile standards like GOTS.

Workers` Fairer Treatment

Workplaces accredited by GOTS mean that employees are valued for their human rights. People are hired for permanent, fair-paying jobs in an environment that is hygienically safe. They also ban coercion, prejudice, overtime, child labor, and human rights abuse.

High Quality Products

The social standards that GOTS-certified organizations follow means that employees are equally compensated and not overburdened. This value placed on individuals leads to higher quality output from these workers. Additionally, a quality assurance scheme must be set up so that refining, production, and trading phases are all monitored. By purchasing from ethical brands in the UK, you can further reduce the use of non-organic garments. One Choice is an ethical clothing brand in the UK whose products meet the criteria of organic production. Their products are recycled, organic, sustainably-sourced, socially-responsible, and bio-degradable. 

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