There is Not Enough Space! How to Fix This Mac Error

Do you want to install your favorite software in the system but running out of space? I am sure it happens many times. Most Mac owners often encounter the message that your system is running out of storage or your startup disk is full. 

So, if you are facing such an issue, it would be good if you clear the clutter stored on your system. But do you know the potential causes and possible solutions of creating enough room in your system? 

Let us delve deep into it!

Hidden partitions In Mac, people install windows in hard drives. But after some time, they need that space back. The solution for it is to erase that partition. For this, follow these steps-

  1. Click on “finder” in the dock.
  2. Choose “Applications”.
  3. Scroll and select the “Utilities” folder.
  4. Double click on “Disk-utility”.
  5. Choose the partition you want to delete.

You are done with it!               

The solution for the same in PC is to back it up manually and then delete the hidden partitions from the disk management. This will create some room.

Start-up disk You want to install a heavy software but your startup disk is full then it is high time and an indication to free up some storage. The startup disk issue can be handled by-

  • Deleting the unnecessary files from your Mac – Do you often install certain files to check what is hidden in them and forget to remove them? Then you are unintentionally filling up clutter in your device. 

Delete or uninstall the unnecessary files or applications from your device to add up some extra space. You may feel that your work is done by putting the files in the trash. But hang on! This is where you are mistaken. With the help of any cleaning application, remove the unnecessary files permanently. To remove any application completely, you can install and launch any particular cleaning application. After it, to remove unnecessary files, just click “Uninstall”, and congrats! The file is deleted permanently.

  • Storing the content in iCloud or dragging it to the external hard drive – In love with your favorite movies, videos, and photos and do not want to delete them? Do not worry! Moving these things in iCloud is an effective solution.

For high-resolution pictures and videos, moving them to iCloud photos is suggested. When some space is required, only optimized versions are being shown in Mac. 

Deleting the browser cache We visit millions of sites in a day. These sites get saved in the temporary storage of the browser. This “temporary storage” is termed as cache. To clear this junk, always delete the browser history.

Clear up your downloads Are you in the habit of downloading wallpapers, songs, videos, and whatnot? Then reorganize your downloads folder, which we often forget to look into. It is full of some huge files that you no longer need. This will add some extra room in your drive.

As now you are familiar with these steps, it will definitely be going to help you whenever you encounter startup disc problems or storage space issues. Regular maintenance of these gadgets is necessary as they perform vital functions for our professional life.

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