The Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Rodents often try to enter into homes during fall and winter. These are the peak period they enjoy warmth and comfort from hiding in our homes. You do not have to wait till fall and winter to get rid of the rodents. You can start mouse-proofing now.

Rodents are very destructive and try their best to get into your home. They can chew through walls, boxes, or bite wires in the home which may cause house fires. 

Consider the following fast and easy ways to get rid of these annoying little creatures.

Close up entry points

Eliminating entry points for rodents is the first effective step to avoid them entering your home. Create rodent-proofing spaces that will stop their infestation from happening at all. 

Check out for easy spaces or spots that the rodents might come in through and close them up. It can be difficult to do this because rodents can squeeze themselves into the tiniest space you can think of. If you find any opening, try to fit a pencil into it. If the pencil fits in easily, then any rodent can come through such space.

Close all cracks and holes in the walls especially openings for pipes and vents. Do not use rubber, clothes, plastic, wood, or other items that a mouse can easily bite on to close the openings. Use weather stripping for doors and window gaps. Ensure your door sweep always close tightly with the threshold.

Use rodents traps

Muse traps seem to be the best and fast method to stop rodent infestation. You can use the popular wooden snap traps for a smaller population. The problem lies in the fact that most people often belittle the extent of rodent infestation. Most times you might think it is just one mouse but there are more. So using a dozen traps is not too bad.

The bucket mouse trap is the trending innovative trap in the market. It works like a rolling log and it is a magnet for trapping mice. It offers the best results when it comes to mouse trapping. 

Setting traps for just one or two mice is not enough. Mice reproduce in hundreds. So, it is good to set traps that will completely reduce the colony. 

Using other traps like glue traps might not be as effective as the rolling log traps. Most of the traps can only kill a mouse at a time. The rolling log trap can get rid of a great number of rodents in one night.

The bucket mouse trap is useful both as an indoor and outdoor trap. It can automatically rest to catch numerous mice. It is a lightweight trap. It does not use bearing. The bucket mouse trap has fast and free-spinning to rid over 98% of rodent infestation. The bucket mouse trap is worth trying for the effective elimination of rodent infestation. You can read more on

Set the rodent traps well

Proper placement of the rodent traps is very vital for a result. Set the traps in a right angle position to the wall with the trigger facing the baseboard. Since a mouse often runs along the wall, it will directly run into the trap. Place the trap in a strategic location where it can directly catch the mouse. 

Also, set the traps near food sources, nesting areas, or anywhere you find rodent droppings. It is a pointer that they are around or away not more than 10-20 feet distance. They will also definitely run into the traps this way. Change the location of the rodent trap every two days or more. Mice tend to be more curious than rats. Rats often love to escape traps. 

Use bait packages

Bait packages are also an effective way of getting rid of rodents. Bait packages often come in plastic, paper, or nylon packs. They contain food or chunks of foods that are attractive to mice. Once placed in a strategic location, the mice will gnaw through the package. Once they feed on it, the bait will kill the rodents. Purchase fresh bait packages for more effective results. Bait packages are useful but must be handled with care. Employ the services of professional pest management for proper usage. This is to guarantee your safety, your children’s safety, and your pets’ safety.

Poor sanitation will attract rodents

Keep good hygiene and always clean your surroundings. Though good sanitation does not eliminate rodents, poor sanitation will keep them coming. 

Mice can feed on small crumbs of food for a day. Clean your floor and take our all left-over food. Take out all waste and dispose of your garbage. Remove residue and other food sources from the reach of rodents. 

Store your food in an airtight container or glass jars. Also, do not leave the containers open. Mice can bite through anything due to their sharp incisor teeth. They sometimes try to bite through concrete, so gnawing on nylon or paper bag would be easy. Ensure you clean your home always and leave nothing for the rodents. 

Deal with rodents in and out of your house

Clean the surroundings of your house. Remove all scattered waste and garbage that are hideouts to rodents. Weed your surroundings. Close all burrows and nesting areas of the rodents. 

Line the openings in your house’s foundation with gravel to avoid more nesting and burrowing. 

You can easily spot rodents and their activities when spaces are cleaned out. When you also remove the debris, they have no hideouts again. 

Use cats against rodents

Cats are mice-hunters. Most dogs also hunt mice. So your dogs and cats can be another means to eliminate the rodent population in your home. If you do not have one, maybe it is time to get one. Do not limit your love for cats or dogs to watching it on films alone. You stand to gain more by owing one.

It is an effortless way to get rid of rodents if you do not want to try the above ways. Most farms tackle rodent infestation with farm cats. 

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