How Your Restaurant Can Benefit from Catering

Catered events are still happening amidst the uncertainty of the world right now, but the way these events are happening is different than before. People will be looking for caterers for smaller weddings, work events, and parties, and this is the perfect way you can expand your business. 

Online food ordering is also more common now, and allowing customers to order their event catering online is a great way to encourage the sales of these services. Catering services do not need to be limited to group size or event type; which allows you to offer your catering services to more groups than ever before.

If you choose to go for catering as part of your restaurant offering, your restaurant is going to benefit, and here’s why.

Bigger Orders = More Revenue

It makes sense that you should earn far more money from catered orders than you would from regular restaurant orders. This is so because catered events are often larger than just a couple ordering a pizza and salad.

Catering services take orders for large quantities of foods, often intended to be eaten buffet-style. Depending on the type of food you serve people, catering increases profit margin, which will boost your business’s profits, even during a pandemic! 

The more events you cater, the more you will get your name out there, which often correlates with an increase in future catering opportunities.

Maintain Cash Flow from Deposits

When you take regular online food orders, you don’t take deposits. People pay for their food and that’s that. When you run a catering service, this changes. 

Online food ordering of this scale requires a minimum order amount and a deposit. Whether you take a 10% or a 20% deposit, you need to make sure that you are taking this when people order online. 

By taking a deposit, you can maintain your cash flow and keep your business from going into debt. The deposit secures the booking, and it ensures that you can buy the ingredients you need to cater to the event in the first place. This prevents you from losing any money and keeps your restaurant growth moving forward.

Spread the Word

Catering services allow you to get your name out to more customers. Events that are catered often have 20+ people that will be exposed to your services. If you are catering your restaurant dishes to an event, that’s 20+ extra people who will benefit from tasting and trying your food. 

Word of mouth is an excellent way to get your restaurant name out there, and catered events are going to allow you to display your business cards and any equipment branded with your name, too. The bigger the audience and the more people that recognize your branding, the more people will order from you in the future.

Catering is a great way to make a large profit, which is critical when business may be down due to the effects of the pandemic. Encourage catering, and you will see your profits begin to rise.