Top Content Marketing Tips for Your Brand

Whether you run an online store or a land-based establishment, you cannot ignore content marketing if you want to compete favorably. The world has gone digital, and most of your clients start their search online. Relying on traditional marketing techniques will only cost you a fortune and give nothing in return. Even focusing on SEO and your web design alone won’t do the trick; you must be involved with and excel at content marketing.

To help you develop a strong and high-ROI content marketing strategy, we did our research and found the following tips to incredibly useful:

  1. Build a content marketing funnel

The best thing about marketing funnels is that they can be applied to the whole digital marketing strategy or focused on single elements. In content marketing, you can use a funnel to see which of your blog posts, videos, and social media posts are delivering the goods and which ones are not. You will also be able to identify prospect leaks and fix them, perhaps by changing the content on the page in question.

  1. Track your backlinks

Most people know that backlinks are a critical factor in search engine ranking, but very few know what exactly the Google algorithm looks at. Apparently, it’s not just the number of backlinks that matters; their source domain’s authority carries just as much weight. To ensure your backlinks come from authority sites, and link to the right pages, consider investing in a backlink checker. The best checkers provide useful insights into the overall number of backlinks, backlink growth, and the number of referring domains.

  1. Create precise CTAs

Creating content without telling users what you want them to do after that is pointless, but sprinkling call-to-actions (CTAs) throughout a blog post won’t necessarily make the user buy from you or schedule an appointment, even if they were interested. Your CTA needs to point to the right page on your website. Don’t just direct your readers to your sales page. Link to pages with additional information as well. From there, direct them to your sales page.

  1. Don’t ignore SEO

SEO is vital in increasing your content’s visibility in organic searches. While making sure that you create high-quality and engaging content, ensure search engine crawlers can see your webpages and determine the kind of information they have.

  1. Use paid ads

Paid ads on social media and other platforms give you the chance to promote your online content to specific audiences. Target marketing has a pretty high return on investment as it reaches people who already have an interest in your type of content and product. For this reason, it shouldn’t be an issue parting with a few dollars to put your ad on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Adwords.


They say content is king, and rightly so. Without plenty of high-quality content on the internet, you stand no chance of beating the competition and making good as a brand. The above tips provide a good place to start if you want to create a content marketing strategy that converts.

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