2019 Web Design Trends

One of the most important aspects of a successful business in 2019 is their website. Websites take advantage of inbound marketing to help businesses grow their clientele. There are quite a few trends in web design that have already developed and will continue to gain popularity as the digital landscape shifts over time.


Today’s consumers want to know who exactly they are getting their product from. Brands will continue to use creative methods to tell their story and engage their audience on their websites. Websites will be using strong writing and captivating videos to create content that keeps people on their page. As websites get faster, cleaner, and more simple, the words on the page start to matter more and more.

Mobile Friendly Design

This is a trend that has been on the rise in recent years and it continues to be one of the most important aspects of a website. Mobile website views have been increasing for years, with more than half of all website views coming from mobile devices. Businesses will continue to do more to make their sites mobile friendly. In fact, many businesses will begin focusing on the mobile site as the main site, with the desktop version coming second. This is a flip in the way sites have been designed in the past.

Faster Speeds

Google changed the game in 2018 when they updated their search ranking factors to include speed of websites. Now, web developers are increasingly working on making their pages load quickly to stay at the top of Google searches. Slow loading pages quickly turn away website viewers as well. Both of these factors will make speedy websites a huge trend in 2019.

Clean Look

This goes hand in hand with both mobile friendly designs and faster loading speeds. In order to make both of these things happen, websites will be adopting cleaner, more simple looks. Websites will be getting rid of clutter and delivering simple, yet engaging content.

Geometric Shapes

Shapes help a site to look clean and interesting. They can also create interest and contrast for the eye without overloading a page and making it too cluttered. These shapes will go hand in hand with the use of strong, bold, and large text.


All of these trends will work together in 2019 to make websites more intuitive and user-friendly. Making websites that are simple and clean will help users who are overstimulated be able to focus on and engage with sites.


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