Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you’ve found it difficult to find a new job during this Covid-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. There was a massive upturn in unemployment that continued for quite a while. Unfortunately, it wasn’t only locally, but the whole world felt like it was turned on its head when the pandemic hit. Dependent on your position in the nation, some stores are beginning to open back up again and are looking for new employees. Now, you are more than welcome to go from store front to storefront handing in resumes and hoping for an interview, or you can work smarter and not harder. Here’s a couple ways you can change up your tactics to get a job that you’ll enjoy more quickly.

1.      Work through a temp agency. 

These people are professionals with the sole purpose of finding you a job that you’ll benefit from as well as benefit the industry. Just like in any other problem, if your sink breaks, you call a plumber, if your car breaks, you call a mechanic, and if you’re in need of help finding a job, the best bet is to get in contact with Austin Staffing. They will help you to find the work you’re looking for. Not only do they work with your schedule and availability, but they also take into consideration your interests and preferences for work as well. 

When most people go door to door handing in applications, they’re not totally sure if the job will work out or if they’ll be happy in the long run, but the nice thing about temp agencies is that they set you up for a job in a temporal sense, meaning that there’s a trial period of usually 2 weeks. Then, if you and the management get along and you seem to enjoy the job, an offer can be extended in which it can become your permanent job and you would work there indefinitely. If things aren’t working out, you have no obligation to work there, but can instead try out another temporary employment option until you find something that works well for you.

2.      Referrals and networking. 

One of my good friends once told me that you should only ever write one Resume. After that, all other job offers should be through referrals or friends offering you jobs. So, if you find yourself out of work right now, contact friends and ask if they know of any positions that are hiring or in need where they’re working. Every application looks better if they have a man on the inside that is vouching for your character and work ethic. Contact friends directly or post it on social media. Even if they’re not your best friend, if they know you and notice that a position needs to be filled at their workplace, they’ll benefit from having you there.

Hopefully this helped and you’ll find it easier to find a job in the future. We wish you luck in your search!

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