The Benefits Of The Right Packaging For Your Products

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When people look at the packaging for anything that they buy, they really don’t give it a second thought. Sure, it keeps everything together, and it looks nice, but that’s the extent of their thinking. However, there is a lot more to packaging than that, and important people have been studying the impact of packaging for many years, and they have learned many things about the consumer. For example, did you know, that consumers are attracted to certain colours for certain products, and marketers and advertisers know about these secrets, and they use them to their optimum effect.

While consumers don’t really pay attention to the packaging per say, there are things that they do expect from the packaging with regard to being eco-friendly. The fantastic thing about modern consumers, is that they are concerned about the Earth, and so they are expecting companies to make an effort, like Slades Beverages eco-friendly drink packaging. This is one example, of a packaging company taking their responsibilities seriously, and making real efforts to reduce their overall carbon footprint. The benefits of having the right packaging are immense, and we explore some of them here today.

  • It Protects – First and foremost, packaging is designed to protect the product, so that when you get it as a consumer, it is in an acceptable state. There are all different shapes and sizes of products, and they all need to have individual packaging to protect them, when they are transported, lifted, and finally taken home in the boot of your car. Companies are now using special packaging like Mylar Pouches, for convenience, and flexibility.
  • It keeps it fresh – Keeping food or liquid products away from the elements, is the key to keeping them fresh. This means that when you open the packet, what is inside, is as fresh as the day, that it was put in there. You get to taste the product as it should be, and the manufacturer gets to enjoy your business.
  • It informs – On the packaging, the manufacturer can tell you what is inside and the ingredients that it took to create it. This is government mandated, but it is also an excellent opportunity for the manufacturer to tell you about how healthy, an item actually is. It gives the date that the product was created, and also the date when it should be consumed. To learn more about packaging and the environment, have a look here.
  • Packaging influences – As mentioned briefly before, manufacturers and marketers deliberately choose specific colours, for specific products. You might not be aware of this, but you make an unconscious decision when you pick one product, instead of the many others. A lot of work has gone into finding out what colours appeal to customers, and manufacturers are using this information to get you to buy, and to increase their profits.

Now, you know that there is more to packaging than meets the eye, and there is lots to learn. The packaging provides hygiene for the product within, and it also helps to decrease costs for the manufacturer. In short, it would be very difficult to do without it, but thankfully, manufacturers and packaging companies are still striving to make their packaging more eco-friendly.

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