What Are the Best Uses for Custom Mylar Pouches Made in America

A product’s packaging can be as important as the product itself. The wrong packaging can lead to defective, spoiled or hard-to-use products. It’s essential to find proper flexible packaging suppliers to provide you with the durable, flexible and lightweight material that your products and consumers demand. No matter what industry you’re in, you need packaging that will protect your goods from production through purchase, but for the following products, flexible packaging is ideal.

Pet Food

People love to spoil their pets, which is why they don’t want to feed them stale or rotten food. As such, it’s important that their food’s packaging quality is just as high as the quality of the food itself. Contents need to remain fresh while staying pet-safe and convenient. Resealable, flexible bags are excellent for all three of these concerns.

With flexible packaging, there’s no more trying to find a bag clip to keep your pet’s food closed up tight. Just seal the press-to-close zipper, and smells and freshness are locked in.

Custom mylar pouches are also more pet-proof than many other types of packaging. Their exceptional durability and resistance to punctures keep Fluffy and Fido from sneaking snacks.

Nutritional Supplements

For dietary supplements to do their job of enhancing your health, they need to come in the packaging that will keep them fresh and keep them out of the wrong hands. Flexible mylar packaging incorporates barriers that protect the contents from moisture issues, extreme temperatures and oxygen.

Finding the right child proof bags manufacturers is especially vital for these types of products as well. What’s more, consumers are more likely to choose supplements in convenient packaging that’s resealable, spill-proof, flexible and easy to store. Mylar pouches are perfect for all of these concerns.

Frozen Foods

Life is hectic, so convenient frozen food packaging is a must-have for individuals and families that want to make life simple in a pinch. Proper freezer packaging keeps frozen vegetables’ fresh-from-the-garden taste. Meats stay in quality condition, avoiding freezer burn.

Flexible packaging in particular is ideal for frozen foods:

  • Most people’s freezer space is somewhat limited.
  • Packages that bundle multiple servings are a perfect fit for resealable zipper pouches.
  • Tear notches are convenient for all packages, especially for single-serve meals and snacks that consumers take to work or on-the-go because they open easily without scissors.


Appropriate packaging is essential for beauty and health products, both to extend product life and to provide both durability and portability. Given the high price of many cosmetics, it’s essential to protect the buyer’s investment.

Mylar pouches and other flexible pouches also offer other benefits for cosmetics:

  • Child-resistant packaging can save consumers with kids from a colossal mess. 
  • The ability to stand them up, lay them flat or bend them makes them great for a purse, a gym bag or storing in a cabinet or drawer.
  • Consumers can avoid the chance of spills and leaks by choosing press-to-close zippers.
  • They will show evidence of tampering.
  • Small pouches are excellent for sample and travel size products.

Whether your brand is new or needs marketing enhancement, practical, attractive packaging can make all the difference in your business’s long-term success. Choose custom mylar pouches to protect your products and set your brand apart from the rest.

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