5 Reasons Why Women Choose to Undergo Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants have the ability to create a beautiful, feminine silhouette but breast implant removal is a procedure many women consider at some point or another. 

While some women want to remove their implants to revert back to their original form, others are searching for surgeons for different reasons. 

The demand for breast implant removal is gradually increasing but what are the reasons behind this growing trend?

Why Breast Implant Removal is Growing in Popularity

According to breast implant removal specialist, Dr Magnusson, here are the main reasons to consider this procedure.

  1. Breast Implants Don’t Last Forever

Without complications, breast implants will last at least 10 years, if not longer. However, they are not designed to last a lifetime. Research has shown that the longer a woman has implants, the more likely she is to remove them when the time comes. Many women don’t feel the same about how they want their breasts to look and feel a decade or two after their surgery, which is when they opt for removal. There is always the option to replace your implants but not all women feel the need to, especially later on in life. 

  1. Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Many women who make the decision to lead a more active lifestyle eventually choose to remove their implants. Overly large breasts can interfere with your ability to engage in the activities you love. And for women who choose to get into bodybuilding, implants can end up looking slightly distorted once more muscle starts to develop. Whether this happens does depend on where the implant is placed though. Placing the implant under the muscle helps make the implant less visible. Inserting smaller implants are also an option for those with active lifestyles. 

  1. Capsular Contracture

This is a complication that can occur after breast augmentation surgery and there’s no way to know whether you’re at risk or not. Basically, scar tissue forms around the implant, which causes pain and implant distortion. To correct this, a second surgery is required in order to remove the scar tissue and reinsert the implant. Many women choose to remove their implants instead of reinserting them as there is no way to prevent capsular contracture from happening again. In fact, many women consider fat transfer as a way to enhance the breasts if capsular contracture becomes a problem. If one of the implants happens to rupture, there is also the option of replacing it or removing the implants completely – it all depends on personal preference.

  1. Wanting to Go Smaller

Women who initially inserted larger implants tend to want to go smaller later in life, which is when they consider implant removal. This is particularly common amongst women entering menopause as the hormonal changes tend to increase the size of the breasts due to weight gain. Overly large breasts can lead to rashes and back, neck and shoulder pain that requires chronic medication in many instances These women either remove their implants completely or insert smaller implants to alleviate symptoms. 

  1. Breast Implant Illness

While there is no direct connection between implants and breast implant illness, many patients would prefer to remove their implants instead of taking the risk. Contrary to popular belief, breast implant illness is not cancer but it is a type of cancer. Fever, headaches and pain are all associated with breast implant illness and many patients find that removal helps alleviate these symptoms.

The Next Steps

If you are considering breast implant removal, know that there’s no reason to use your original surgeon for the procedure. Many women end up feeling less than satisfied with their results, which is why they choose to use a different surgeon for their removal procedure.

Whoever you choose to assist you with your surgery, make sure they have the necessary experience with breast implant removal. Remember, implants can alter the tissue structure of the natural breasts, which requires additional changes during surgery.

Surgeons without the relevant experience could leave you with results that look and feel unnatural. 

Be sure to browse through each surgeon’s qualifications, past patient reviews as well as before and after photos to get an idea of what they’re capable of.