Best Professional Liability Insurance Providers

Many business owners have at some point come across the questions ‘what is liability insurance and is it important to have as a small business owner?’ and haven’t received a confident answer for this question. To summarize, liability insurance is a basic insurance coverage designed to protect the assets of small businesses, as well as large businesses.

It is important for both small business and LLC owners to have general liability insurance, but it is only natural to have questions about it and to know which are the best to go for. In this article, we will narrow down seven of the best professional liability insurance providers that will only benefit your business and will protect your assets in all the ways that are needed.

What does general liability insurance usually include?

General liability insurance can protect your LLC or small business in many different ways, such as bodily injury on your work property. This means that you are protected from the harm caused by your or your colleagues on your work property and it can cover your legal defense too. Costs that are associated with the loss are also covered, that is if you are found liable and if it complies with the policies limits.

To narrow it down general liability insurance is a type of commercial insurance offered to both large and small businesses and can cover personal injury, bodily injury and property damage. All insurance companies include these in their packages, along with additional values that can be beneficial for the businesses. 

The insurance companies listed below are specifically aimed for small businesses and can be for nearly all sectors, depending on which company you end up choosing to get a quote from. 

Towergate insurance

Towergate is a company that offers public liability insurance for a huge range of professions as small business owners and LLC business owners. They also offer flexible cover limits, as well as adding trades for your business. You can get a quote from them online and they offer excellent customer support.


CoverWallet is a company based in New York and specialises in providing protection through business insurance. They offer you a virtual wallet with all your needed information for your insurance; such as comparing your coverage, getting a quote, requesting certificates and consulting with insurance experts.

Simply Business

Simply business offers general liability insurance to small businesses in all sectors. Their insurance includes legal fees and covers bodily injuries, third party property damage, personal and advertising injury as well as medical expenses. They also provide great customer service and you can get a direct quote on their website.


Hiscox is based in both the U.S and UK and has rapidly grown to be one of America’s best insurance companies for general liability insurance that is aimed at small businesses. They also offer a package that includes bodily injury, worldwide insurance coverage, defense costs and more. The quote for the insurance is dependent on the business you have and how large or small it is.

The Hartford

The Hartford is a great insurance company to consider, since they have years of experience and even offer speciality coverage. Their package includes protection against slander, libel, property damage and bodily injury. You can get monthly packages for a decent price and will have excellent customer service with them.


Huckleberry is an insurance company that specialises for the state of Colorado. It offers general liability insurance for small businesses, with great packages at a low price. The process is online, small business owners get their insurance in such a short time frame and it specialises in a wide range of professional sectors.

State Farm

State Farm is an insurance company that offers general liability insurance to small business customers, in all fields. An agent is able to assist you with a quote online, depending on the state that you are in.

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