Helen Lee Schifter on the Value of Taking Care of One’s Emotional Well Being

Since the Coronavirus health pandemic struck, there has been a conversation that’s begun surrounding the need for more people to take their physical and emotional health more seriously. Indeed, surviving the pandemic itself has proven not only to be a challenge on a physical level, but also on an emotional and mental level. Health experts like Helen Lee Schifter have been addressing the need for this conversation to be taking place for awhile now. Although it’s unfortunate that it appears to have been delayed till now, it’s a relief that it  is finally getting the attention it  deserves.

Health and wellness are issues that have unfortunately been neglected for far too long. In many cases, they’ve been set aside in the pursuit of career or professional development. In other cases, it’s been about exploring different financial pursuits that might be commercially beneficial. But the reality is that one’s health is a commodity and currency that is far more valuable and indeed important than anything else. That includes anything material. As the saying goes, money cannot buy health. How true that expression is.

Although health experts have been using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to communicate this message in the past, the efforts have unfortunately been quite unsuccessful. Part of this can be attributed to the culture in our society which seeks to glorify the pursuit of wealth and professional success. Indeed, there’s little doubt of how significant and important both of these aspects to one’s life are; but at the same time, one’s health needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds at all times. This is a message that needs to be accepted, embraced and indeed acted upon.

Then of course there’s the conversation of what exactly constitutes one’s health and therefore the ability to measure it  and better understand where a person may stand in terms of their health status relative to where they’d like to be. The reality is that for physical health, exercise, fitness and dieting are all facets that can help provide someone with a healthy lifestyle. There’s little doubt about the value of exercise for example, in helping not only one’s physical health but also clearing one’s mind, and by extension helping improve their mental and emotional health.

An idea that deserves more attention however, is the importance of emotional and mental health. Indeed, the relationship that exists between a human being’s emotional health and their physical health is a clear one. And there’s no question that the status of one’s emotional health has a clear and direct impact on one’s physical health. As Helen Lee Schifter has written on Thrive Global, those that neglect their mental and emotional health are unquestionably doing so at their own peril. And the consequences can surely be devastating.

During the Coronavirus pandemic especially, with all of the various protocols and measures that have been instituted to protect the populace, the emotional and mental health implications that have come with it , are immense. But there are ways to help people with these issues. There are many mental health practitioners who are outstanding in helping counsel their patients in a way that alleviates serious amounts of stress. In addition, there are ways to go about improving one’s emotional health on one’s own. Yoga and meditation are just two of many exercises that have proven very effective at accomplishing just that.

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