A New Lighter Version of the Xbox to Be Revealed Soon

Facing a tough competition from the PlayStation 5 by Sony, Microsoft is thinking of launching a less powerful version of its future Xbox Series X, which would be named Series S. The Series X is meant to be the culmination of the Scarlett project which has been in the works for many years now. But to remain competitive prices wise, Microsoft has decided to cut back on some of its revolutionary technology from the new box to offer this lighter version.

Less Powerful but Competitive

The Scarlett project will finally be completed soon and its main achievement, the Xbox Series X, will be launched. But unexpectedly, we may yet see a new version of the generation 9 console before we get to try Microsoft’s finest work in gaming to this day. This machine will still hold some of the new technology of the final product, but only partially in order to be able to offer it at a lower cost to keep the Xbox competitive, especially against the PS5.

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The Series S

It’s been a long time coming for Xbox lovers to finally discover the end result of Microsoft’s Scarlett project. But they will still have to wait a little bit longer to try this new technological jewel. In fact, they will be treated to a less powerful version of it, the end result of another project from the Redmond Company called “Lockhart”. Could it be possible that the Series X is simply not yet ready to be delivered? That there is still work to be done? Some people will certainly raise this possibility. However, Microsoft is negating this by explaining that this lighter version is meant to be more competitive against its Sony counterpart; the PlayStation 5.

This new console, called Series S, will have a power of 4 teraflops, which means that it will be three times less powerful than the Series X everybody has been waiting for. In fact, it will be even weaker than the previous Xbox version, the Xbox One X, which uses a capacity of 6 teraflops. However, this smaller version will still feature some of the new technology from the Series X, which got everyone quite excited to get their hands on it. One of its strengths, according to the manufacturer, is its radical reduction in loading time.

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