Is it possible to move across the country during a quarantine?

Is it possible to move across the country during a quarantine?

It is comforting to know that life goes on even in the midst of quarantine for the coronavirus. Even though individuals and businesses are taking all necessary precautions during this nationwide crisis, it is still possible to move across the country. Moving may not be an option for some people who have already committed to relocating because of a job and have bought property in a new place. Many moving companies are still providing moving services at this time. Scheduled moves should go on as planned, but companies will be instituting health and safety precautions to help protect their employees and clients.

Move Planning Procedures

Moving is an essential activity that must go on regardless of stay-at-home orders being in place in some cities. If cancelling or rescheduling a move is not an option, those who have no choice should practice all health and safety guidelines. Most moving companies have the capability of providing moving estimates and moving details online limiting face-to-face contact with the client. These companies recommend that clients ask questions before moving day to ensure that they understand the entire process. Movers ask that clients understand company policies for canceling a move, regardless of the reason. Most movers work with those who must cancel due to the possibility of contracting the coronavirus.

Preparing for the Moving Process

One of the most important things that a homeowner must do before moving is to pack up all items to be moved. During this unprecedented time, it is doubly important to use boxes and packing materials that are safe for handling. COVID-19 can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, which means it is not a good idea to pick up free, discarded boxes. It is safe to use boxes that are already in the home, but if more are needed, they should buy new ones. Buy them from retail stores that have self-checkouts. Plastic containers with lids work well for packing many large items and they are easier to disinfect with liquid cleaners. Discard any food products by disposing of opened boxes or packages and donate any unopened staples to a local food bank. This simple task will help lighten the load by eliminating items that can be repurchased after the move.

Moving Company Requirements

Reputable moving companies will follow all epidemic rules and apply them to all moves. They will practice social distancing by keeping their distance from a client during the entire moving process. They follow all sanitizing requirements such as wearing protective masks and gloves, changing them often, and sanitizing their hands frequently when entering and exiting a home. Utilizing these safety guidelines helps reassure clients every step of the way during the move.

Self-Moving Options

It is possible to move across the country during this coronavirus pandemic, but does require taking certain necessary precautions. If hiring a moving company is out of the question for financial or other reasons, self-moving is a good option for many people. People who own their own vehicles may decide to load up and move on their own. In most cases, they will require a much larger vehicle for moving their possessions and especially furniture. Several different companies rent moving vehicles to individuals. They also offer options for renting moving equipment such as furniture dollies, packing supplies and protective equipment for covering furniture. With the onset of the recent coronavirus epidemic, these companies are taking extra precautions when renting their vehicles. They are employing strict sanitizing requirements to help ensure the safety of their truck rentals. They sanitize all exposed surfaces inside and out of the rental vehicle such as keys, seat belts, door handles, temperature knobs, and steering wheels. These rental companies are taking their responsibility seriously.

Professional movers and rental companies realize the importance of clients being able to get on with their lives during this global crisis and want to make it as easy as possible. Their goals include making the transition proceed smoothly. They want to assure their clients that a move during this time is possible and can be safely completed.

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