How Social Distancing Is Affecting The Fabrication Industry

How Social Distancing Is Affecting The Fabrication Industry

Social distancing has brought many industries to their knees, but the fabrication industry has been able to adjust to the COVID-19 outbreak because of the nature of the business. Use the tips below to learn how the fabrication industry is adapting to this crisis. Companies around the world can handle fabrication without putting their staff in danger, and some of this work can even be done at home.

Why Is Fabrication Safer Than Other Jobs?

When you work in the fabrication industry, you are relying on machines to get the work done. The people that are working in the factory or shop can manage the machines while keeping their social distance in many cases.

Companies that are trying to save money can rotate their crews to cut hours. The people in the factory can wear gloves, disinfect often, and typically wear face masks to protect their lungs.

Fabrication Facilities Are Safer Than You Think

Fabrication facilities typically have vents and fans that pull impurities from the air during the day. While these systems cannot sterilize a building, they make the building much cleaner than it would otherwise be. Also, the machines can be run from a central control board to keep workers off the factory floor. Workers must feed the machines with the raw materials that are used for production, but workers can be pulled off the shop floor from time to time.

Fabrication Can Be Done At Home

When you send your workers home, they can do some of their work in the house. Companies that do work by hand, can send materials to their workers. Workers can complete many functions at home, and they can send those parts back to their employers. This is a good way to keep working because the metal is easy to disinfect. The trucks that haul metal parts can be disinfected, and the drivers can remain clean while hauling these items.

What If You Run A Small Business?

If you run a small metal fabrication business or use a CNC machine, you can do all your work at home. You can close your shop and work from the house if needed. If you want to stay in your office, you can keep the door locked so that visitors do not enter during the day.

If you use CNC machines to get your work done, you can take them home. These machines can be run in the house using all the raw materials you would use in your workshop. Some companies often spend too much money on their offices or shops, and they can save money by working at home.

Shipping And Delivery Is Easier

Shipping and delivery are easier with metal fabrication or other materials that are pulled from a fabrication machine. If you are shipping to customers, you can disinfect everything you have made before it is packed. Customers know that they can easily disinfect the packages you have sent them, and they will not be at risk.

You Can Clean Your Machines Easily

Fabrication machines are much easier to clean because they do not use food or live substances. You can clean and disinfect fabrication machines easily, and you do not need to worry about any lingering bacteria or allergens in the space. Fabrication facilities that use fans or vents clean the air very well, and you might use medical-grade air filters in the building to keep your staff safe.

Companies Must Consider Their Supply Chain

Any company that works in fabrication must know that it can receive materials regularly and disinfect them before working. If the supply chain dries up, fabrication companies may need to use different materials to do their work. Fabrication companies can keep working because they can work safely.


When you are managing a fabrication business, you should consider how to make changes to your operations. You can send your workers home with the machines and materials they need. You can disinfect your work surfaces and materials easily, and you can work from distant locations so long as you have the appropriate materials. Your workers can be kept safe, and you can disinfect your facilities, machines, or materials where other industries cannot.

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