6 Marketing Tips and Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

6 Marketing Tips and Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to the economy all over the world. As a business owner, it’s normal to be afraid during these uncertain times when you’re forced to close down and furlough employees. However, it’s always more helpful to focus on what you can do rather than feeling like you’re stuck. To help you make better decisions, here are six marketing resources that you can use during this pandemic.

1. Content Marketing

Since everybody’s at home during this crisis, a great way to reach prospects and customers is through digital content. Content marketing is a very cost-effective strategy that you use to drive traffic to your website and blog. If you’re new to content marketing and want to learn about the strategy, process of writing, content marketing tools, and more, you can find a wealth of resources here.

2. Marketing to Your Audience and Customers Directly

If you are selling various products or services, you want to make sure you use marketing channels that can reach your audience and customers directly. Email marketing and SMS are the channels that are best suited for this purpose. Email is a great way to deliver content and updates while SMS is perfect for launching marketing campaigns. They also complement each other very well.

3. US Chamber of Commerce Content

There’s a lot of mixed information coming from the media about the specifics on how the coronavirus is going to affect businesses. It can be confusing trying to figure out what business owners can do to protect themselves and keep their business going. A great way to get expert advice and accurate guides on what to do is to turn to the US Chamber of Commerce.

Have questions about marketing, financing, loans, and other issues related to the coronavirus pandemic? You can find everything on the US Chamber of Commerce’s official website. You’ll also get ideas about creating a marketing strategy, how to manage your employees, how to win over customers, and more. Find all the content by going to the link below:

4. Communication and Organization Tools

Because of social distancing, you need a way to communicate with your employees and customers. Fortunately, there are many online communication and collaboration tools you can use to connect and stay organized with all the important people in your business. Entrepreneur have come up with a list of free tools that your business can take advantage of during this time.

5. Helpful Resources for Franchisees

If you’ve recently opened up a franchise storefront or you’re planning to do so, you want to be well prepared for what’s to come. You want to get a better understanding of how the business model works, how to get funding for your business, finding the right franchise, and how to come up with a solid plan. 

6. SBA Guidance and Loan Resources

Even when the country does open up, business will not pick up right away. It’s going to be a slow period and you’re going to need additional resources so that your business can survive through this tough period. Fortuantely, the SBA is providing loans and other resources to help small business owners.

Nobody knows when this health crisis will blow over. As a small business owner, it’s important to understand that you need to be proactive. The businesses that are resourceful, creative, and aggressive are the ones that are going to survive. You want to start by educating yourself and understanding what resources are available to you.

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