3 Reasons You May Need a Head Scan

3 Reasons You May Need a Head Scan

Having a doctor tell you that you need to have a CT of your head is often a rather scary experience. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t always mean that you will receive some type of devastating news. In fact, a brain scan, sometimes referred to as a head scan, is one of the most effective tools that doctors use to diagnose a variety of medical conditions. There are times when they order a CT of the head because the person in question displays certain symptoms and they’re looking for a reason why they are presenting with such symptoms. At other times, the CT is ordered as a means of diagnosing exactly what’s going on with regard to something very specific so that the best avenue of treatment can be discussed. Below are three reasons that your doctor might potentially order a CT of your head.

You’re Having a Lot of Headaches

Almost everyone has experienced the occasional headache. Typically, it’s no reason for concern. That said, the story might be different if you experience frequent and severe headaches or if you suddenly start having headaches that are far different from anything you’ve ever had in the past. In fact, those who suffer from migraine headaches are commonly asked to undergo a brain scan because it helps doctors better diagnose exactly why those migraines are occurring. Therefore, it might be easier for them to come up with a more effective form of treatment as opposed to trying a number of medications and then waiting to see whether or not they actually work.

You’re Experiencing Specific Symptoms and Doctors Are Looking for Answers

Doctors are also likely to order a brain scan if you are experiencing symptoms such as sudden difficulty concentrating, issues with speech or changes in personality. The same is true for anyone who has experienced sudden changes in their vision, especially when it comes to sensitivity to light. Granted, doctors are likely to order other tests first, usually involving blood tests. If they’re not able to find the answers they are looking for there, it’s only natural to progress to the next logical step and order a brain scan. For people who are experiencing many of these symptoms simultaneously, especially in the presence of frequent headaches, doctors are typically looking for something that could be potentially serious or even life-threatening, such as a brain tumor or an aneurysm.

You Have a Diagnosed Medical Condition That Doctors Want to Keep an Eye On

Sometimes, doctors will discover something that they want to continue to watch so they will order a brain scan every few months or in some cases, once a year. This is true for several patients when they have what doctors believe is a benign tumor, meaning that it’s something that isn’t cancerous. Patients who have small unruptured aneurysms may also undergo this type of testing from time to time, especially when medical professionals believe that the surgery necessary to correct such things could potentially be even more dangerous than the condition itself. In this case, a brain scan is ordered on a routine basis so that doctors can make sure the condition isn’t getting worse. This allows them to hopefully stay ahead of the condition and address it before anything major happens if they do notice any changes.

As you can see, there are many reasons that a doctor might order a brain scan. These are only three reasons, but in reality, there are many more. Any time a person suffers a blow to the head because of an accident or injury, it’s likely that a doctor will order this type of test. By the same token, it’s not at all uncommon for doctors to order them whenever a patient presents with symptoms that can’t be readily diagnosed through any other means. Since it’s non-invasive and can be done relatively quickly, it has become one of the more important methods that medical professionals use to accurately diagnose various conditions.