TAMKO Origins and Products Contribute to Excellence

TAMKO Shingles and Other Products

It’s not always easy to judge a company on first glance, especially in an industry as complex as building supplies. TAMKO is a building materials manufacturer that focuses primarily on shingles and related roofing products and has a long history of going above and beyond in pursuit of quality and excellence. To showcase that pursuit, it helps to look at the company’s roots, its large and diverse product line, and how it contributes to the greater public good.

Creating the Company

TAMKO was founded by E.L. Craig in 1944. A longtime entrepreneur, Craig created the shingle company after a range of other pursuits that included a sausage-making business, a boxing gym, and a soup kitchen. Already 69 years of age at the time of the company’s creation, Craig would only helm the business for 10 years before handing the reins over to his wife, Mary Ethel Craig. The new leader, who had already been acting as her husband’s business advisor and confidant, ran the company until handing the leadership position over to her daughter.

Even from the early days, TAMKO proved to be a success. It produced its first run of asphalt shingles in 1945 from the company’s first factory in Joplin, Missouri. Following the positive reaction to its roofing supplies, the company expanded and now operates facilities throughout the U.S. to better serve a range of customer needs. This expansion not only helped the company provide for customers, but it also allowed it to create a number of jobs in the communities in which it was based. These jobs have become known over time for their pay and benefits.

Building Supplies

Though the company has long been known for its shingles, it is also a purveyor of many other roofing and related building supplies. These include products for waterproofing windows and doors, like flashing membranes and moisture barriers. The company also offers similar products for balconies and breezeways, again working to keep weather-based moisture from penetrating building structures. There are also numerous products on offer from the company that relate directly to roofing, such as underlayments, cements, and ventilation.

While these additional offerings are extensive, the company’s core focus is still on its line of residential roofing shingles. Selecting shingles through the company’s website allows customers to view products by geographic availability, highlighting products rated by various groups for wind, fire and impact resistance, as well as solar reflectance. Shingles also vary by size, shape, and color and are available in numerous product lines. Customers can select by material as well, with the company’s classic laminated asphalt shingles being its most widely available and its steel shingles providing availability to customers seeking an alternative.

Reliance on Technology

While the company has a long history of serving customers, it has also made sure to stay up to date with the latest technologies to provide the best possible experience to its modern clientele. To this end, it provides a range of customizable tools on its website to allow customers to seek out the best product options for their needs. This starts with providing shingle availability based on geographic location and extends to the ability to test out the look of a new roof on uploaded photos of a customer’s home. By doing this, the company helps ensure a great style fit, regardless of how unique a customer’s needs are.

In addition to the use of technology to help customers make selections, the company also provides documentation and literature on all of its roofing products through its website. This allows customers to view product specifications, sample shingle installations, and access a range of other related information. This information comes in addition to other helpful resources on the website that explain the unique considerations of each shingle type and how roofing, in general, may be affected by weather and other external conditions.

Beyond Business

While TAMKO focuses many of its resources on serving its customers and providing an excellent customer experience, it also has a long history of providing assistance to people and organizations in the communities where the company operates. One great example is the company’s edcontinued support of several local Ronald McDonald House locations, providing funding to allow families to stay in the house when needed, as well as building materials when needed. The company also made an impact for those in need of disaster relief when it donated $1 million to the Greater Ozarks chapter of the American Red Cross for cleanup and aid in the wake of a deadly EF-5 tornado.

Another focus of the company’s community outreach is its support of local sports, especially youth athletics. This goes back to the company’s earliest days, when it helped to create a basketball team to participate in the local YMCA’s Open League. These days, the company sponsors a wide range of teams, including little league, soccer, and football, including several teams catering specifically to young women and their athletic pursuits. These initiatives help encourage young people to participate in organized athletics, a pursuit that is not only healthy but also promotes the ability to collaborate with others toward a common goal.

Many building material manufacturers have cropped up over time, making it difficult for some to select a provider for their needs. It is not always a simple matter to gauge a company’s worth from a quick look, but new and old customers alike can see the value and thoughtfulness that TAMKO provides to every aspect of its business.