Learn What To Do After A Car Accident

Throughout the course of your life, the chances are fairly high that you will experience at least a minor vehicle collision.  It will help your mind and your nerves to know what to do after a car accident.  

The initial impact of a vehicle accident will undoubtedly throw you off for a moment.  When the knowledge of how to handle the situation is fresh in your mind, Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyers says that you’ll have a better chance of keeping your wits about you after an accident.  

Take a moment to read through a few standard steps on what to do after a car accident, and prepare yourself to handle a tough situation with grace.  

Take a moment to evaluate everyone’s well-being

Directly after a collision, it’s best to check to make sure everyone is okay.  The extent of injuries in the accident will dictate what you need to do next.  

If you or someone in your vehicle is badly injured, it’s best to stay right where you are.  Moving could cause further injury. Sit tight, and wait for help to arrive.  

If everyone in the vehicle is fine, move on to the next step.  

Move the car to a safer spot if possible 

If your vehicle isn’t too badly damaged, you have the right to move your vehicle to a safer position.  Sitting in the middle of a busy road can add danger.  

You could be hit by an unsuspecting passerby.  It’s best to get out of the way of traffic, and let the police sort out the rest when they arrive.  

Notify the local police of your accident 

As soon as you get the chance, make a phone call to the local emergency services.  You can’t be 100 percent certain that someone else has already notified the authorities.  It’s safer to take the suspense out of the equation and make the phone call yourself.  

Document the scene of the accident

Document the scene of the accident as well as you can.  Take pictures of the accident, and be particular about displaying the surroundings.  Pictures are a great way to show just what happened during the moment of chaos you experienced. 

Gather insurance information from other drivers

Talk to the other drivers involved in the accident, if possible.  You want to get insurance information from them, so you can forward your claim as soon as possible.   

Call your auto insurance company

As soon as you are home safely, it’s time to call the insurance company.  Talk to your auto insurance agent to get your auto accident claim started, and begin figuring out what you need to do to move forward.  The goal is to be without a car for the shortest time possible.

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