The Top 15 Best Rifle Brands Money Can Buy in 2019

Maybe you’re looking to buy your first gun? Perhaps you’re hoping to add to your already-staggering collection of guns? Whatever the case may be, you’re thinking about investing in a new rifle.

If so, you have a number of different models from which to choose. After all, there is no shortage of rifle brands in the world today, each of which puts its own individual stamp on the rifles that it manufactures. 

Curious as to which of these brands are the best? Then read on. We’re going to discuss the top 15 best rifle brands money can buy in 2019. 

2019’s Best Rifle Brands

Of the rifle manufacturers discussed below, some are fairly new, and some have been around for years. However, they all have one thing in common: they’re some of the best rifle manufacturers of 2019. 

1. Remington

Founded in 1816 in Ilion, New York, Remington Arms is one of the most iconic rifle manufacturers in the world. Now with headquarters located throughout the United States, Remington manufactures rifles of all kinds. 

Whether you’re looking for a bolt-action rifle, a hunting rifle, a muzzleloading rifle, a pump-action rifle, or a rimfire rifle, Remington can supply you. Known for their pinpoint accuracy and impeccable construction quality, these rifles are of as high a quality as rifles come. 

2. Winchester 

Like Remington, Winchester is one of the most iconic gun manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1866 in New Haven, Connecticut, it has maintained a reputation for innovation and quality over its 150 years of existence. 

Winchester’s modern rifles run the gamut from bolt action to autoloader to lever action and more. And not only do they manufacture modern rifles, but new versions of their classic rifles as well.

Currently, their premier rifle is the Wildcat 22 LR, a sleek, attractive rifle with ample power and accuracy. However, this is only one in the huge line of rifles available to you. 

3. Savage 

Another top-notch rifle brand is Savage Arms. Founded in 1894 in Utica, New York, Savage is now headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts. While it’s most known for its discontinued Model 99 lever-action rifle, the company still manufactures plenty of high-quality rifles. 

Savage’s modern manufactured rifles range from rimfire rifles to centerfire rifles to modular sniper rifles and more. Whether you’re looking for a hunting rifle or just something to use at the range, Savage has you covered. 

Some of Savage’s best modern rifles include the 110 Predator, the MSR 15 Competition, and the 110 Prairie Hunter. 

4. Browning 

Established in 1878 in Ogden, Utah, Browning Arms Company has always long been at the forefront of rifle invention and innovation. While the company is most renowned for its X-bolt and A-bolt rifles, it has a whole repertoire of rifles from which to choose. 

Browning’s rifles are all aesthetic marvels, combining modern and vintage elements to forge a style that instantly piques one’s interest. At the present time, Browning’s top rifles include the BAR, the BLR, and the above mentioned X-bolt and A-bolt rifles.

5. Weatherby 

Founded in South Gate, California, Weatherby has been around since 1945. Currently located in Paso Robles, California, they’re known primarily for their top-notch rifle cartridges. Nonetheless, Weatherby manufacture’s some of the best modern rifles in existence. 

Weatherby doesn’t offer quite the rifle selection of some other manufacturers, but the rifles they do manufacture excel. These are called the Mark V and the Vanguard, and they’re both centerfire rifles. Note, however, that while there are only two primary rifle models manufactured by Weatherby, they are available with a range of different specs and capabilities. 

6. Smith and Wesson 

Founded in Norwich, Connecticut in 1852, Smith and Wesson is now headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts. One of America’s premier gun brands, it is renowned primarily for handguns, but also supplies a bevy of high-quality rifles. 

Smith and Wesson’s rifles include both sniper rifles and hunting rifles and come with a range of different specs. Currently, the company’s top rifles include the M&P 15-22 Sport and the Performance Center T/CR22. Both rifles are notable for their impeccable construction quality as well as their pinpoint accuracy. 

7. Ruger 

Officially known as Sturm, Ruger & Co., Ruger has been in business since 1949. Founded and still existing in Southport, Connecticut produces semi-automatic, bolt-action, and single-shot rifles of all kinds. 

With both centerfire and rimfire options available, Ruger rifles possess only the best in functionality and construction quality. Some of Ruger’s most popular modern rifles include the AR-556, the Hawkeye African, the 77-Series, the No. 1, and the Ruger Precision Rifle. These rifles include both hunting and range guns. 

8. Henry

Firearm components seller Superlative Arms can tell you: Henry is one of the best rifle manufacturers in the world. Established in 1996 in Brooklyn, New York, the company has quickly solidified its reputation as a premier long gun manufacturer. 

Specializing in lever-action rifles, specifically, this company has a bevy to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a hunting rifle or something to use at the range, Henry can accommodate you. 

Some of Henry’s more popular rifles include the American Eagle, the American Rodeo Tribute, and the Golden Boy. 

9. Mossberg 

Officially known as O.F. Mossberg & Son, Mossberg was established in 1919 in New Haven, Connecticut. While it manufactures all types of guns, this company has quite the impressive lineup of rifles. 

Mossberg’s first rifle was a .22 sporting rifle, one which the company manufactured in mass numbers throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Now, however, the company provides rifles of all kinds, including centerfires, rimfires, bolt-actions, lever-actions, and autoloading models. 

These days, some of Mossberg’s most popular rifles include the Patriot, the MVP, and the 464. 

10. Steyr

Next up on our list is Steyr Arms, an Austrian brand that was founded in 1864. Over its long history, this company has seen it all and even manufactured guns for use in World Wars I and II. 

Steyr’s lineup of rifles is exceedingly impressive, including everything from bolt-action rifles to assault rifles to sniper rifles and more. Whether you’re a hunter or are just looking for something for the range, Steyr has you covered. 

Currently, the company’s premier rifles include the Pro THB .308 Win and the Steyr AUG A3 M1. 

11. SIG Sauer 

Founded in Germany in 1976, SIG Sauer has undergone some changes throughout the years and is now headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire. Carrying a reputation as one of the premier gun manufacturers in the world, this company offers some top-notch rifles. 

SIG Sauer’s rifles are designed primarily for range shooting and are available with a wide range of barrel lengths and stock options. Some of their more popular rifles include the SIG MPX, the SIG516, the SIG MCX Virtus, and the Tread. 

Known for their unique aesthetics, SIG Sauer rifles are some of the most intriguing on the market today.  

12. Colt 

One of the oldest and most renowned gun manufacturers in the world, Colt has been in business since 1855. While it was originally founded in Paterson, New Jersey, it’s now headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Perhaps Colt’s premier rifle is the AR-15, a rifle so famous that even non-gun enthusiasts know its name. Note, however, that Colt is also the manufacturer of the M16. 

Colt’s other rifle offerings include the M4, the Combat Unit Carbine, and the Enhanced Patrol Rifle. 

13. Benelli 

Established in Urbino, Italy in 1967, Benelli is a top-notch gun manufacturer with a varied selection of rifles. The supplier of military weapons to several countries’ armies, they’re perhaps best known for their 12 gauge shotgun, the Benelli M3. 

However, the company is so much more than just the M3. It offers a wide variety of rifles, including but not limited to the Argo, the MR1, and the R1.

If you’re looking for something to shoot at the range, Benelli has you covered. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a hunting rifle, you should look elsewhere. 

14. Bushmaster 

Founded in Windham, Maine in 1973, Bushmaster hasn’t been around for as long some other American gun manufacturers, but it still has a lot to offers in the way of performance and functionality. 

Bushmaster’s top rifles are designed in a way similar to that of the Colt AR-15. Known as the XM-15s, these rifles thrive in terms of construction quality and accuracy. 

In addition to this XM-15s, Bushmaster also makes a line of hunting rifles. These include the 450 Carbine, the Varmint, and the Predator. 

15. Beretta 

The last rifle makers we’re going to discuss are Beretta. An Italian brand, it was established in 1526 and is one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the world. Beretta manufactures all kinds of guns, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles. 

While Beretta doesn’t make as many rifles as some gun manufacturers, the rifles they do make possess exceedingly high quality. These include the ARX160, the Cx4 Storm, and the ARX100. 

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There are hundreds of rifle brands existing in the world today. However, the 15 discussed above are the absolute cream of the modern rifle crop. If you’re looking to buy a new gun, any of these 15 brands are worth considering. 

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