Plumbing Tips To Save Water And Protect The Environment

Plumbing is something that we often do not think much about. This is because the system is already in place when we buy the home. However, this does not mean you should neglect it since you want to be sure that it is in a perfect working condition. If you care about the environment and you want to protect your home, water leaks absolutely have to be avoided. Whenever you think there is a leak, water loss is the last thing to worry about. In this case, you need to contact specialists like Fix It Right Plumbing Geelong as soon as possible. Besides this, if you want to save water, the best tips to remember are the following.

Just Turn Off Water Taps

If you have a dripping tap, you lose around 15 water gallons every single day. Your water bill will be more expensive by around $100 per year. Always make sure that the taps are turned off as much as they should be in order to avoid dripping. In the event that a leak is present, get the gap replaced or repaired. Plumbing maintenance investments help out much more than what many think.

Use Low-flow Faucets

Low-flow showerheads are nowadays really simple to find since they are available in most hardware and general stores. They can drastically reduce how much water you consume when you take a shower. One thing that many do not know is that the conventional showerhead consumes around 42 gallons per ten minutes. Take things even further with a shower time limit. Teenagers will not love it but you can save a lot of money in the process.

Expose The Hidden Leaks

If the water meter is running even if all faucets and appliances are turned off, you have to identify the leak since there is surely one. The good news is that in most cases the leak is just a leaky faucet. The bad news is that in some situations the leak is hidden and you need to contact a professional.

Never Neglect Drains

Most homeowners neglect the drains until a clog appears. You want to be sure that drains work as they should or a build-up can appear. Fortunately, there is a homemade solution that is pretty effective. All you have to do is add some baking soda (a cup is enough) and then some vinegar to your drains. Do this once per month.

In your bathroom, add strainers in bathtub and sink drains so that soap and hair do not reach the pipes. Do not use some harsh chemical cleaners since these are dangerous for the environment. Also, they are known to damage pipes.

Toilet Gurgling Noise

When you hear such a noise coming from your toilet, it is a sign that drain problems exist. When your drain was installed before the year 1980, it is most likely made out of clay. This means tree roots easily penetrate it. If you notice these gurgling noises, the best thing that you can do is contact an experienced license plumber or plumbing company in West Chester Ohio to check all your drains.

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