Geometric Patterns for the Nursery

For infants and young children it’s important for their intellectual and social development to be introduced to the idea of form and structure from the very beginning of their existence. Experts insist that before children learn their ABC’s or verbal cues they should be introduced to a variety of geometric designs and ideas. This will help them to understand that the world they now inhabit is one of ordered stability — which is very important for the young, since they are plied with a bewildering amount of new experiences each day.

Young children will stare for hours, fascinated, at repeating patterns of squares, circles, triangles, and other geometric shapes on their wallpaper or rugs. Making their nightlight a rectangle or octagon will give them an unconscious desire to see straight lines and angles as reassuring symbols — symbols that can actually soothe a fractious child.

Instead of teddy bears or some cartoon character on their pajamas, the young ones would profit more from having geometric designs on their pj’s that they can trace with their finger. A brightly colored geometric design wall painting or ceiling mobile can help young children find an orderly progression in their attempts at early communication and comprehension.


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