What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work? Here’s What to Know

A little less than half of all American workers are unsatisfied with their jobs. Hey, it could be worse—but it could be a lot better.

So what makes a great place to work? What are those elusive factors that’ll keep your employees coming in (and leaving) with a smile on their face?

Turns out, it’s not so mysterious after all. Read on to learn the most important things every happy, productive, and healthy workplace needs.

What Makes a Great Place to Work?

Quit Googling “what makes a great workplace?” and instead, look to your employees for information. You’ll find that often the solutions can be found through good old-fashioned communication.

To get a head start, though, here are a few of the most important things to start working on. Keep reading if you want to make it great!

Respect Your Employees

Ask a lot of people what makes a company great, and you might get surface-level answers like:

  • Incorporating standing desks
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Casual dress code

While these are certainly awesome to have in the workplace, it’s essential to consider the root of these qualities. Why are they so awesome?

Answer: because they show respect for your employees’ quality of life. They show that you care about their physical health, mental health, and daily comfort. 

Respect is the name of the game. You need to cultivate an environment that feels inclusive, welcoming and diverse.

Smart Circle is rated a top workplace for these exact reasons. Top-rated companies also go out of their way to recognize individuals via employee-of-the-month programs or bonuses for hard work. They also invest in their employees’ professional development.

The takeaway: treat your employees like you’d treat your friends and family.

Teach, Don’t Scold

Another ingredient in the recipe for a great workplace? Cultivating learning opportunities out of mistakes instead of opportunities to reprimand. 

There’s nothing worse than working at a company where you’re afraid.

Afraid to make a mistake. Afraid to ask for help. Afraid of repercussions for trying to do your job better. 

Instead, let your employees know that you’re there to help them grow and learn in error. Instead of scolding, direct your employees toward a helpful solution that reinforces the right way to do things. 

Ditch the scary boss character. That’s a good way to breed employees who don’t care about you (or your company). Show them you care about them, and they’ll return the favor.

Create a Progressive Workplace Environment

Want to create one of those fun places to work you’re always seeing in the media now?

It’s not hard! There are a few super simple things you can do to show your employees that you want them to enjoy the time they spend at work.

First up: ditch the cubicles, if you can. Instead, create an open floor plan work environment that encourages collaboration. 

Yoga balls and stand up desks are essential for long term office worker health. Frequent vacations and breaks also equal greater mental health, which in turn equals increased productivity at work. 

Oh, and it’s not a bad idea to incorporate a monthly employee outing, either! Check out a cool, local brewery, or buy everyone tickets to see a flick! 

Crafting the Perfect Work/Life Balance

Now that you know what makes a great place to work, hopefully you’ve come away with a few ideas on how to improve your employees’ work life! It’s all about a healthy work/life balance.

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