Jafme Inc.: New Job Search App Brings New Opportunities

Jafme Inc. unveiled new mobile app to assist those who are currently searching for a job or want to hire an employee. Named Jafme, it provides users with the automatic selection of employers or applicants based on the information from the profile, including education, skills, work experience etc.

If job seekers want to have advantages over other candidates in modern competitive labor market, they should be aware of all fresh career opportunities 24/7. Constant access to the specialized job search resources can help them to quickly get in touch with prospective employer.  Recruiters should also stay abreast of all renovations in the job market and be on permanent hunt for the qualified workers. To meet the needs of both sides mobile applications are of great use nowadays.

Often we look for a job or employees in the state of permanent lack of time. There is no time to monitor all the updates every minute and to respond to all interesting offers. In Jafme there is no endless manual search with keywords or parameters for fresh vacancies or new candidates. Outline the preferable area on the map and our Jafmescope tool will select suitable offers for you according to the personal data specified in the profile. Just express your interest in a candidate or job with one swipe.

When someone is looking for a job and employees for their business at the same time, they always have to use different accounts, sources, apps or websites. Save your time again! Having created one profile for both candidate and employer via Facebook or email, you may find job and workers at one blow.

All basic functions are free of charge and every new user gets three-months free Premium account which gives additional benefits.

Jafme mobile app is available on iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

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