How to take care of Pre Bonded Virgin Hair Extensions

Pre Bonded Virgin Hair Extensions refers to the human hair that hasn’t gone through any form of chemical processing such as dyeing, perm, bleaching or harsh washing. In addition, all the hair strands have been sourced from a single donor thus making it more premium as compared to non-virgin. In direct comparison to the synthetic hair extensions, virgin human hair can be used many times over without losing their shine and splendor if taken care of properly. To realize longevity, the following treatment ways are important and should observed.


At least wash the hair once every week to avoid dust and sweat accumulation that leads to tangling and difficulty in combing. Before washing, brush through to remove any tangled strands then use human hair shampoo and warm water. Ordinary hair shampoos could potentially damage the hair strands making them weak and susceptible to breaking.

After washing, it is advisable to let the hair dry naturally. If you need to style it then gently brush through with a soft comb beginning at the ends of the hair moving downwards. Ideally, the hair should be brushed at least 2 to 3 times daily to reduce tangles that would cause the hair to break often. Be gentle while brushing.


When you get involved in activities whether indoors or outdoors, ensure that the hair is either held together as a pony tail or covered with waterproof cap to keep the hair dry. Chemicals such as chlorine in water would damage the hair strands and cause them to tangle more when you are out for a swim.  Holding hair together makes it safe and reduces likelihood of getting it entangled thereby causing injury or hair coming off.


When retreating to bed in the evening, avoid sleeping with hair that hasn’t dried out completely. Blow the hair gently with a blow drier to remove any traces of moisture then brush it gently.  Let the hair cool off and then hold it loosely together to avoid tangling. If you must wear a sleeping net, ensure that it is breathable to reduce sweat build up on the scalp and hair.


the hair ensures that it maintains its suppleness and tangles less. However, many hair conditioners in the market would weaken the hair extension bonds. As such, it’s important to use specially designed human hair conditioners and even then, ensure that the conditioner doesn’t come closer to the extension bonds.

Varied Products.

“Pre Bonded Virgin hair extensions are ideally natural hair and will react to different chemicals just like a person’s real hair. As such, care must be observed in the type of products that one uses. Some products have the potential to weaken the extension bonds. Consequently, growth of natural hair is also likely to weaken the bonds and as such you should visit the salon every six weeks to check the condition of the bond.” – Pre Bonded Hair Extension Experts –

Due to their presumed longevity and other advantages over other types of human hair extensions (non- virgin and synthetic), virgin hair extensions are very pricey. As such, you need to follow the above guidelines to ensure that you reap the most value.

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